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The Quartermile App for iOS – The performance check for your vehicle

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You want to know how fast your vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h? Are you interested in the time it takes to cover a quarter mile (402 metres – a quarter of a mile) or any other distance you define yourself? Then we have the right solution for you with the new Quartermile.app!

Suitable for any vehicle

With this app, you can measure all of the above. You don’t need any other accessories, just your iPhone, whose sensors and GPS are used for the measurement.
Whether you’re travelling by car, motorbike or scooter, the app can take measurements for any vehicle as long as your iPhone has GPS reception.

A simple alternative to expensive equipment

Of course, the app cannot replace professional motorsport equipment. However, Quartermile.app offers a comparable and above all simple alternative. A big advantage over expensive measuring equipment: with its basic functions for standard values, the app is free of charge and even to use the full scope with additional values, only a single in-app purchase is necessary.

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Screenshot of the history page in the Quartermile app
Screenshot of recording sequence in the Quartermile app

At the moment you can test two different modes with the Quartermile.app:

Drag Race Mode

Here you can measure how long it takes you to cover a set distance and the top speed your vehicle reaches at the finish.

This works as follows:

  • Drive to the start line
  • Position your iPhone for maximum GPS reception and in a place where it is safe and steady during the recording.
  • Start the run – your iPhone is automatically calibrated.
  • Recording starts automatically with the first acceleration of your vehicle
  • Your position, current speed and progress are visually displayed
  • The run is complete when you reach the specified distance.
  • After the test, you can analyse your performance with the help of various statistics.
  • G-forces, maximum and average speed and even wind and weather are recorded.

Acceleration mode

With this mode you measure how fast your vehicle reaches a certain target speed. With a standing or flying start – you decide!

There’s more!

Another mode that allows you to record several laps on a race track is already in the works.
Social sharing, high scores, clubs, diagrams – there’s also a lot more in the pipeline.
We can be curious about that!

A few side notes

  • Of course, the road traffic regulations and other applicable laws must always be observed. Please use the Quartermile.app only on closed-off areas and observe the applicable rules and laws there as well!
  • On older iPhones there may be slightly greater deviations than on newer devices. However, this is only a difference of a few metres. Improvements to the data accuracy are already in the works. All improvements and updates remain free of charge.
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