Great spectacle: SIP Open Day 2024 a complete success

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The Open Day at SIP Scootershop and the 30th anniversary were a spectacular event. The weather played along perfectly, after autumnal temperatures prevailed during the week. Around 3,000 guests, including friends, dealers and families, enjoyed the sunny hours to the full.

30 years of performance & style

Throughout the day, Vespas and Lambrettas from all over Germany and beyond rattled onto the grounds. The parking service had their hands full, and the surrounding streets were full of scooters – a sight that certainly marked a new visitor record. The hotels in Landsberg were completely booked out, with no rooms available. No wonder, because there was a lot to see and experience from 10 a.m. onwards.

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Andi Jung from Kaufbeuren was the first person to sign up at the tattoo stand to have the SIP logo engraved: “The tattoo campaign is great and I would like to support the donation amount. I’ve been a customer of SIP for years and always enjoy coming here.” Over the course of the day, eleven other SIP fans followed his example, and ARCHE Landsberg was delighted to receive 2,400 euros. An additional donation of 500 euros to the scooter riders’ charity “Um halb an der Bar” came from the Vespa Club von Deutschland.

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Vespa battle on the dyno

The dynamometer was a loud and smoky attraction throughout the day. The climax came at around 3 p.m. when Jesco pushed his black Vespa racer with EGIG 400 cc engine to 84 hp. However, Nico Pendl from Austria surpassed this figure with 87 hp and even managed an impressive 92 hp in the second round thanks to nitrous oxide. The spectators cheered almost louder than the engines.

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To mark the anniversary, SIP Scootershop presented five new complete engines, which were developed in collaboration with selected partners: Motor SIP V-One 30/25 244 ccm, Motor SIP VR-One 30/30 244 ccm, Motor SIP EVO 30/30 180 ccm by EGIG, Motor SIP EVO 30/25 170 ccm by EGIG and Motor SIP BFA 325 by Casa Performance. This limited series is a highlight of the program.

Vespa stunts and international guests

The first riders of the year took to the track on the cross track. On July 27, they will compete again at the 3rd Matscho Karatscho. Next door, the Vespa Club Germany set up a challenging trial course. Only those who had perfect control of their scooter could complete a faultless lap. Till Kleinschmidt mastered this best in 00:56.21 minutes. Congratulations to him!

The stunt show by Nicola L’impennatore from Italy thrilled the packed audience with breakneck tricks and humorous interludes. Whether on one or two wheels, the professional showed impressive maneuvers on Vespa and moped.

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Numerous international guests were also present: Josh Rogers, President of the Vespa Club USA, Lome from Vintage Vespa in Thailand, Pete Delaney from Canada, Bojan from Bosnia and Ben and Sylvain from Authentik Scooter in Biarritz, France. Guests from Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria were also represented.

Custom Vespa and music

DJ Jan Otto and Roberto Patrik Klegazz provided the right background music throughout the day. At lunchtime, CEOs Alex and Ralf presented the new custom scooter “Tribute” together with Christoph, Basti and painter Marcus Pfeil. Equipped with high-end and carbon parts as well as an eye-catching paint job and an engine tuned to almost 300 cc, this scooter was a worthy highlight for the anniversary.

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Mascha and her team guided groups through the SIP headquarters and gave them a look behind the scenes. Advice was given and purchases made in the flagship store, and used parts quickly found new owners outside. While the children conquered the bouncy castle, the photo wall and the salsiccia sandwiches from SIPERIA provided plenty of fun and good humor.

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A perfect finale

In the evening, the party continued in Waitzinger’s beer garden and Moritz Club until the early hours of the morning. DJ Harry and DJ Schmidl from Austria provided the perfect musical accompaniment. The dance floor was always full and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Ralf, CEO of SIP, summed up the day: “An incredible Open Day for our anniversary! In the end, it’s always about the people and the scooters, that’s what we do the whole thing for.”

Thanks go to the organizers, employees, dealers and of course the great guests who made this day unforgettable. Here’s to the next 50 years of SIP Scootershop! See you soon – because the next highlight is coming up on July 27: Matscho Karatscho!

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