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Spectacular Vespa Cement Track Race in Darmstadt

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In 2022, the Hofmann racing team organised a very special event for Vespas under the name “2nd Spectacular Hoffmann-Vespa Cement Track Race at the Diatest Velodrome in Darmstadt”. This was one of the most spectacular and largest events in the world for Vespas owned by models built between 1946 and 1957.

The Hoffmann Racing Relay

The Hoffmann Racing Squadron finds its origins in legendary models such as the Scuderia Ferrari as well as Mercedes and the Silver Arrows from the Auto-Union.

The racing squadron consists of a hand-picked and international selection of 57 works drivers. The number 57 stands for the year 1957, and the fleet of vehicles from the important scene is made up of approximately 300 Vespa riders with models built between 1946 and 1957.

The race team is led by riders Andreas Gattwinkel from Münster, Matze Schäfer from Langen, Andreas Sprengel from Bad Homburg, Thomas Steinforth from Frankfurt, Thomas Knickmeier from Oberursel and Johannes Ziegler from Frankfurt.

Impressive and unforgettable moments in Darmstadt

The race over four heats was held as a common event. In the first heat, the riders had to set an average lap time. This had to be repeated as accurately as possible in the remaining heats. The runs in groups of about fifteen riders lasted about nine minutes. The number of laps on the oval historic cycling track depended on the speed of the riders. The high centrifugal forces as a strain on the circulation in the 35 degree steep bends were not to be underestimated.

Several people standing around 2 exhibited old Vespas and other products on display in front of a transporter from SIP Scootershop

At the start from ten o’clock in the morning until eighteen o’clock in the evening were, besides numerous spectators, André, Lucas and Olli from SIP Scootershop. SIP presented various new products at the Vespa event with an exhibition stand. The highlight was the ride on team member André’s acceleration racer, which did not quite comply with the regulations.

After the race, a seating circle formed on the carpet of the SIP stand. In the cool shade, the race director also enjoyed his after-race beer.


Apart from one minor incident, the Vespa race passed off without any serious injuries or damage. The participants did not exceed their limits. The sportive, sociable and friendly atmosphere made the SIP team feel welcome. The races were not against each other but with each other and the “petrol talks” led to new friendships.

The organisers can be proud of the successful event. The smooth running with the first-class catering including desserts left nothing to be desired on this warm summer day. At the end of the day, Klaus Altenhofer from Freisen, a member of the Hofmann racing relay team, also stood on the winners’ podium.

Being there in Darmstadt with a unique ambience as well as meeting people who share the same ideas will be remembered for a long time. This includes the first and rare Vespas 98 and the Vespa 98 racing version, which can only be found twice in the world. Numerous, rare and valuable tube handlebars such as Acmas, Allsate, Douglas Rod, Moto-Vespas, 53u and many more made for a beautiful feast for the eyes. Also present was the famous collector Robin Davy from Munich.

Last but not least, numerous guests from Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Italy enriched the Vespa event.

The memory remains of a beautiful day with an unforgettable experience, in the hope that the event will be imitated. With events like this, fans with a passion for Vespa racing get to enjoy racing and a warm ambience.

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