Eine weiße Vespa ist vor einem Gebäude auf einem Parkplatz für Krafträder geparkt. Daneben steht ein Baum in einem Container.

Parking your scooter – What to bear in mind?

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Now in the sunny months, it’s fun again to ride around on a scooter and explore the area. Not only in rural areas, but also in the city, riders feel freer. They can even take a sneaky route to get to their destination more quickly. Often, the question arises of where to take the Vespa when shopping or doing other things. Simply parking the scooter on the pavement can be expensive, as this is officially punishable by a fine.

If there are no traffic signs explicitly stating that the pavement may be used in part, it is better not to use it at all. Depending on whether there was an obstruction or endangerment, Vespa drivers can expect a fine of 55 to 80 euros and a point in Flensburg. The parking time is also decisive. If an accident occurs as a result, a fine of 100 euros is due. In the worst case, the scooter can be towed away for a fee.

Do I need a parking ticket / parking disc?

If a parking ticket is taken from the machine as proof of parking, it must be attached in such a way that it cannot fly away or get wet. It is therefore advisable to stick the ticket to the vehicle, preferably on the headlight or on the trim. It is not enough to show it later.
In parking areas where a parking disc is to be affixed, this also applies to motorbikes. It is advisable to attach it to the Vespa with cable ties. Or it is even better to use a perforated parking disc. This can be attached to the wheel spokes with a small padlock. It is advisable to take a photo of this to be able to prove later if jokers were at work here. The photo should not only show where the car was parked, but also how the parking disc was timed.
In general, the same conditions apply to parking motorbikes as to cars. If there is an explicit parking ban for vehicles, these regulations also apply to scooters. In addition, it is prohibited to park one’s motorbike in narrow, blind spots or on curves.

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Parking the Vespa in front of supermarkets

Parking spaces in front of shopping markets often have extra parking spaces for scooters. If this is not the case, the Vespa can be parked in a normal space intended for a car. Normally it is not allowed to park two motorbikes in such spaces, but if there is a shortage, this is dealt with more leniently. The important thing is that others are not obstructed, so that pedestrians still have enough space to walk through.

Things to keep in mind when parking your Vespa in a multi-storey car park

In general, there is nothing wrong with parking your scooter in a multi-storey car park. However, riders should check the terms of use carefully, because not every car park operator allows this. Others have reserved extra parking spaces for motorbikes, so it’s best to find out beforehand. If parking is prohibited by a sign, it is better to look for another parking space. Never drive past the barrier, as this can be expensive as they are usually under video surveillance.

Other things to consider when parking your scooter

In some places where there is not so much traffic, the police may be more lenient because there is a lack of space. However, motorbikes should be parked in such a way that they do not obstruct others. In any case, it is advisable to leave enough space so that others with wheelchairs or prams can still get through without problems. In general, passers-by should not be obstructed.

Number plate of a Vespa visible through the window of a folding garage.

If you want to protect your motorbike with a tarpaulin, you have to make sure that the number plate remains visible. There are special scooter covers that are transparent at the rear so that the number plate can be easily recognised.

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