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SIP AID – SIP Scootershop donates € 3,000 to ARCHE Wohngemeinschaft Landsberg

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As part of the SIP AID programme, SIP Scootershop has been supporting the ARCHE residential community, where people with and without mental disabilities live together, since 2011.

On 28 May, on SIP Open Day, they presented a donation of €3,000 to ARCHE Landsberg.

At ARCHE Landsberg, people with and without intellectual disabilities live together as equals on a Christian ecumenical basis. At the moment there are 10 residents in inpatient and outpatient living.
However, there are plans to build another house in the Staufenstraße building area to accommodate 10 more residents. The donation from SIP Scootershop is very helpful, because ARCHE cannot manage this financially on its own.

According to ARCHE, they are also happy about the personal interest of the SIP employees. So it is not just the cheque that is handed over, but exciting conversations are held and interesting questions are asked at the coffee party, and the SIP employees gain a very personal impression during a tour of the house. The people of ARCHE are also invited to the SIP headquarters the other way round, and over the years there is always a small donation or two in between.

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With the SIP AID programme, SIP Scootershop has been helping in various places for years and regularly donates to various causes.

In the group photo above, from left to right, are:
Rosalinde Kleber, Felix Scholz, SIP employee Stefanie Barth, Ben-David vom Orde and Associate Member Linette Harms. Kneeling on the floor, from left to right, are Assistant Piere Rieger and Resident Antigona Casagrande.

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