Eine rote Vespa Electricca auf einem Podest

Piaggio offers Vespa E-Mobility

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Piaggio has once again stylishly combined the latest technology with the demands of a modern Vespa E-Mobility, driving pleasure, ecology and mobility with the Vespa Elettrica. This brand represents individual customization, advanced connectivity, low-noise engines, environmental protection, plus a proven comfortable ride, thereby helping to preserve a livable environment.

Noteworthy is the cost-saving classification in the vehicle tax with an extremely low insurance rate. What makes the change from public transport to a scooter attractive in today’s tense health situation.

Especially since the outbreak of the pandemic and the lockdown rules, Piaggio vehicles have seen increased demand, prompting new manufacturing and sales strategies for the two-wheelers.

The Special Edition VESPA ELETTRICA RED is an inspiration

This bright red scooter with chrome-plated details stands for innovation, responsibility and combines sophisticated technology and the awareness of being able to live one’s own e-mobility desires in an environmentally conscious way. Whether in energy-saving Eco mode or in Power mode, the high-tech electric motor impresses with a powerful drive.

With this absolutely quiet, emission-free, comfortable Vespa will inspire driving and makes a responsible contribution to more environmental protection and quality of life.

Model series of the iconic Vespa

Launched at EICMA 2021, the Vespa RED is the third scooter since 2016, after the VESPA 946 RED of 2017 and the VESPA PRIMAVERA RED in 2020, to be selected as an exclusive product by the Red organization to protect health, the environment and our home planet.

The Piaggio Group will donate $100 from the sale price of each vehicle to fight the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and AIDS diseases, in cooperation with Initiative Red.

Features of this Vespa

The 100% electric motor offers pure driving pleasure of about 100 kilometers range and can be charged at any household socket with 220 volts in just 4 hours. A choice can be made between an extremely energy-saving Eco mode and the snappy Power mode.

The electric drive with air-cooled 4.2 kW/h lithium-ion batteries, combined with a powerful, reliable 48-volt battery, provides a fun ride at speeds of up to about 52 km/h.

This new version of the original Vespa still offers enough space under the seat to stow the full-face helmet, despite the batteries with charging cable.

Remarkable is the airbag system, which was developed in cooperation with the airbag specialist for two-wheelers, Autoliv Airbag Systems. The safety package is enhanced by the innovative all-round monitoring system with Lidar technology.

The newly styled cockpit with its 4.3-inch TFT display fulfills all wishes for a perfect overview while at the same time offering usable communication options with a smartphone via Bluetooth voice/key control. The displays of remaining range and energy recovery enable efficient driving.

Unmissable is the bright red of the Vespa, which in unity with cast aluminum wheels and chrome trim makes for a daring but stunning design. The Vespa Red is, as it has been since all times, a well-tried and beloved eye-catcher with optimal driving fun.

The strengths of the Vespa RED include:

  • best range ex works
  • fast battery charging time
  • proven comfortable ride
  • energy-saving super-bright LED lighting
  • large storage space under the seat
  • comfortable seat
  • latest technology – connection with smartphone, app
banner modern vespa 728x90 en 1

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