The Desert Vespa

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A Vespa in the desert, is that even possible? If you live in a salt desert, like Lake Gairdner in South Australia, and still don’t want to give up your vehicle, then this Vespa conversion is for you.

The basis of the vehicle is a Vespa Sprint 150 i.e. 3-valve.
The reason for choosing this model was the classic look, clean lines and powerful 3-valve engine.Difficulties in the conversion of the Vespa were to find the appropriate mounting parts, to adapt them and to mount them. Off-road components are very hard to find from some manufacturers, so some of these elements had to be improvised and self-built. With full euphoria, the team started to work when the components arrived. However, the joy lasted only for a short time, as it soon turned out that most of the elements caused problems that delayed the completion. Paul Chiodo admitted that construction seemed to get a little out of hand. Nevertheless, he always saw the positive in it, and in the end, it was the right path that led to this fancy desert racer.

The rebuild in detail

Bracing and reinforcements, wider tires and a new seat with a lower seating position give the desert Vespa its original look. The chassis was replaced by a massive BITUBO suspension. The air filter was moved further forward and now features three filters. To protect the exhaust system from stone chips and bumps, it was moved above the running board. The bike impresses with more ground clearance than before. The rebuilt version has little in common with the original.

If Piaggo would include this unique desert scooter in its contingent, the rather costly conversion work would have been spared. If you dare to rebuild your Vespa, you will surely have fun with it, no matter if with or without a salt lake in front of your door.

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