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SIP Scootershop donates €2,000 to family with boy suffering from leukemia

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The SIP Scootershop has for many years its own aid organization SIP Aid with which numerous donations for good causes are collected and sent out. In September 2022, the team decided to help a family from Upper Bavaria financially, as their little boy unfortunately fell ill with leukemia. The shock diagnosis is accompanied by everyday worries: the mother cannot start her new job because she has to travel to the clinic regularly. There are considerable travel and fuel costs, and the installments for the house have to be paid on time.

The five-year-old has to go through several blocks of chemotherapy and, of course, his parents want to stay by his side at all times. However, this cannot be managed without any time off work, which is why close friends of the family have started a gofundme for Max to get some money donated by fellow human beings. Every cent goes directly to the family.

For SIP, it was immediately clear to make a donation there as well. Money cannot make healthy, but it can hopefully alleviate financial worries a little. This way, at least one burden is taken off the family’s shoulders so that they can devote their time and energy to Max. You too can still support Max by sending even a small amount to the family through Gofundme. The gratitude from the family and friends is immense.

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