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How to service a Vespa

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Only those who drive absolutely safely can also enjoy riding a scooter. By safety, we mean not only the driving skills of the pilot, but also the technical condition of the scooter.
Who wants to rattle around on a rickety two-wheeler that is only held together by rusty parts? No one who knows the Vespa doubts that it is the best scooter. However, this characteristic is not enough to stop its wear-related aging process. So what good can we do for it?

Care and Maintenance

Wait until something is broken?
There are said to be scooter riders who sign a contract for the service and misinterpret it in such a way. But we are smart scooter drivers and prevent all eventualities. 
If you follow our checklist, you can’t go wrong. The secret lies in regularity. Checking at defined intervals and spontaneously eliminating any defects that have occurred saves lengthy and costly service work. 
And you can get the right utensils for this in the SIP Shop: Care and Maintenance.

To do’s

First, thoroughly clean the scooter and remove any dirt.
Absolute no-go: high-pressure washers!
Never ever. Unless, of course, you want to scrap the vehicle. The processing with a sledgehammer would be faster and more effective. In addition, pent-up aggression would be reduced;)

Why not use a pressure washer? It would be a quick and thorough job.
A very simple answer: The compressed water pressure would reduce all lubrication of moving parts, in the worst case even eliminate it completely. Rust and wear are happy.

Before water comes into play…

Spray with grease-dissolving cleaner (avoid moving parts) and allow to act, then wipe with soft materials (cloth, sponge).

  • Carry out oil change
  • Piaggio recommends the brand scooter-out-of-sheet SAE-30/40, specified according to API SF/CD, quality gear oil for high requirements, with wear protection, filling quantity 250 ml, for all classic Vespa models
  • follow the recommendations of the service booklet
  • Exceptions ⇒ smallframe models V 50, PK 50 S-XL 2 ⇒ 170 – 200 ml sufficient, largeframe models ⇒ 200 – 220 ml sufficient
  • Tip: Drain plug has low torque, ideally use torque wrench.
  • Check and clean air filter (see service manual for change intervals)
  • Check tire pressure and treads
  • Check brakes/brake pads and spark plugs
  • Check screwed parts for secure hold

Warranty services

Vespa/Piaggio guarantees for 24 months (from initial registration, without mileage limit for two-wheelers) the free repair or replacement of scooter components based on a material or assembly defect. These will be replaced with original parts – as is the Piaggio/Vespa quality standard.

Whether original parts or high-quality spare parts from other manufacturers, you can easily find at SIP Scootershop. Also SIP’s own brand of spare parts is a very popular and qualified alternative for self-tinkerers and professionals.

Do not forget
Rusty spots are always forming on the car body. The sooner these are located and repaired, the better.
Those who do not dare to carry out service work themselves should contact an authorized workshop for Vespa scooters.

Warranty extension

As we know, safety and performance of our unique two-wheelers have top priority. That’s why we recommend taking out a follow-up warranty for another 12 or 24 months. Just in case. 
Anyone who wants to talk about risk in terms of the insurance premium should bear in mind that, in the worst case scenario, these costs will go down the drain. But that only happens if we don’t (have to) make use of the additional warranty services, which, conversely, should in no way be seen as a disadvantage. 

Those who can afford the additional costs of a warranty extension should take advantage of them. Those who find them too expensive should just trust in their luck.

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Cost of inspections

We distinguish between minor and major inspections.
Please refer to the relevant service booklet for the due dates for each model.
Minor inspection ⇒ shorter intervals, inspection of moving parts, oil change, brake fluid replacement, as required. The costs amount to approx. 70 € to 200 €.
Major inspection ⇒ Inspection of all relevant components for function and safety. Exchange/replacement of defective parts (see also warranty conditions in the service booklet or purchase contract by the service partner or seller of the scooter). This inspection costs from € 200 upwards.

Good to know

Anyone who neglects or even deliberately omits service work risks having to bear the costs themselves in the event of a claim. That would be a classic, counterproductive own goal. Incidentally, this circumstance also applies – in the event of maintenance work not being carried out – by reducing the benefits of a follow-up warranty or refusing it in full.

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