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Vespa advent calendar

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The new Vespa advent calendar is here!
And with its appearance, all small and bigger fans of the nostalgic brand from Italy are quite excited. Hobbyists and professional tinkerers as well as all Vespa riders will get their money’s worth with the Vespa Advent Calendar 2022. From now on, Italian lifestyle on the scooter is the order of the day. What color is the Vespa? Quite clearly, the chic shade of blue has caught on. After purchasing the calendar, everyone builds their own Vespa model. Even the cool sound module is included. The kit for the blue Vespa scooter has a scale of 1:18 and the material used is metal and plastic. In addition, 2 (AA) Mignon batteries are needed, which are not included in the delivery. And an accompanying book, in German and English, is also included. This hip calendar is an absolute must-have for all fans and those who want to be! The Advent calendar is an annual event where enthusiastic Vespa fans can buy the special gift set regarding Vespa motifs. Each year, the Christmas box includes new items, so there is the opportunity to collect multiple souvenirs of the popular scooter. Or it is also perfectly suitable as a unique gift idea for friends and family for the pre-Christmas season.

Vespa Christmas calendar with original Vespa sound

Vespa model on a board with sound effects
Vespa Advent Calendar by SIP Scootershop

The countdown to Christmas has rarely been so much fun. The Vespa calendar contains the model of the classic Italian Vespa. In the course of the Advent days, this is assembled door by door. The existing sound module of the original engine sound including the base plate with the panoramic images contribute with a little realism to the perfect Vespa experience. This advent calendar is a hit for Vespa fans, no matter what age group. In addition, it’s also a great addition for family get-togethers during the Christmas season. The Advent Calendar is the perfect way to count down the Christmas countdown! It reveals 24 enchanting items, all of which are waiting to be unveiled and assembled soon. Thus, each day of Advent brings a new surprise, and the ever-changing anticipation makes the time until December 24 pass very quickly. So it will not be boring and the beautiful Christmas season remains exciting.

The Italian two-stroke classic makes Christmas a special celebration

The Vespa has been built by Piaggio since 1946, and the company has been producing the coveted two-wheelers ever since. The scooters are known for the unique design, the continuous frame and the logo “V”. For those who wonder for whom this Christmas calendar is suitable, the age recommendation is 14 years. In any case, this gift is sure to be well received by a Vespa fan. The Advent calendar can be purchased inexpensively from a large number of retailers. At the top of the list is of course the Vespa spare parts dealer par excellence, the SIP Scootershop. The calendar is worth its 59 euros in any case! The concept itself is of very good quality and the items are processed in a high quality. And the themes about the scooter, which are inside the calendar, further delight the fans. For all collectors and the many Vespa fans out there, this new release means an absolute necessity. Whether the own, years-long collection is enriched with it, or the calendar goes as a gift idea on the trip – it will be associated with much joy!

banner series pordoi 728x90 en 1

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  1. The article is very informative. I started using a Vespa PX150E since the late 1990’s. It’s a joy to drive as I rtde with my buddies although most have bought newer models. I will share the article with my Vespa Scoot buddies.

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