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SIP Scootershop helps with food donation campaign for Ukraine

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Since the beginning of the war against Ukraine, the people in the country have been living under extremely difficult circumstances and experiencing an incredible amount of suffering. In some cases, they have to endure without electricity, water, heating and generally functioning infrastructure, and not just for a few hours. Especially in the winter months, this is an enormous challenge and causes even more suffering.

In the past months, SIP Scootershop has often participated in or organised donation and aid campaigns for the people in Ukraine. This was the case again in December, when the team participated in a food delivery by Ruslan Gerber and his missionary community „Jugend mit einer Mission“, short JMEM (Youth with a Mission”). Initially, the request from Ruslan, a friend of SIP Scootershop, was just for a few boxes to take food to people in his home country. SIP manager Alex immediately agreed. But that was not all, as the SIP team also decided to pack and provide food boxes themselves. When the buses of Ruslan’s teams were broken down, Alex did not hesitate and provided a SIP Sprinter, which set off to Ukraine with a team of four from JMEM and the food. There they arrived despite sometimes difficult travel conditions and were able to distribute the food.

On the SIP website you can find a detailed report of the action.

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