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Racing Vespa – the new racing exhaust SIP ROAD

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Racing exhaust in series optics, the evolution of the much copied original. With the further development 3.1 there are new options for the SIP Road. The racing exhaust SIP ROAD 3.1 for Vespa 200 Rally/P200E/PX200 E/Lusso/’98/MY/Cosa 200 makes the Vespa ready for any race.

The racing exhaust SIP Road 3.0 has been a classic and long runner in the SIP program for years. Now follows the racing exhaust 3.1 from SIP Performance. Some improvements have been made by the SIP team and thus raise the SIP Road racing exhaust to a new level.

  • Further development of the classic SIP Road 3.0
  • strong torque and perfect suitability for everyday use
  • ideal for “Plug & Play” tuning setups with original carburetor
  • New connections for the SIP speedometer/tachometer

The SIP Road 3.0 was designed at the time to be inconspicuous and compact. This proved to be the biggest challenge. Many manufacturers use larger boxes because it is easier to gain performance with a larger volume. The result was something to behold: A small box that can be combined well with a wide variety of setups and does not have to shy away from any comparison in the field of touring boxes.

What’s new with the SIP Road 3.1 race exhaust

The racing exhaust has connections for EGT and AF, so it’s easy to use the SIP exhaust gas temperature gauge and lambda probe with the SIP speedometer/tachometer. In addition, a new manifold flange has been installed. It is sealed with an o-ring and can also be fixed with screws. This not only makes the exhaust 100% tight, but also causes no vibration.
To make the connection perfect, the exhaust port can be additionally fixed with a spring

Comfortable power delivery in any driving situation.

The power of SIP Road 3.1 is exactly the same as that of 3.0. It starts early and spreads out in a range that is easy to work with, making it possible to ride uphill on mountain roads in a relaxed manner. Developed in the style of cylinders such as Malossi Sport or Polini. But also racing cylinders from Quattrini or Pinasco work perfectly with the SIP Road 3.1. Combined with SI carburetors for low conversion effort and reliable mechanics.
(Attention: For racing purposes only. Not approved in the area of the German StVZO!)

Modern in manufacture and design

To achieve the performance plus to the SIP Road 2.0 not only a lot of time had to be invested in the development, also the production requires a little more effort. The manifold is not made of individual segments, it consists of pressed upper and lower shells. This minimizes tolerances between the individual exhaust systems and there are fewer weld seams at right angles to the direction of flow of the exhaust gas. It also allowed a tighter radius to be achieved without losses. This was necessary to accommodate the larger manifold in such a way that neither cornering clearance was restricted nor did the exhaust come into contact with other components such as the upright.

Qualities with proven advantages

Torque has been significantly increased and performance has been improved across the board. Depending on the setup, the PX200 with Malossi Sport on SIP Road 2.0 can make an additional 2 hp. The same applies to the classic small block setup. A 177cc Polini also registers an increase of about 2 hp with the Road 3.1 over its predecessor. This guarantees driving comfort and ideal gear setting. When assembling, be sure to adjust the fueling and ignition timing correctly.

Technical details:

  • considerable power and torque increase compared to SIP Road 2.0
  • based on original size box
  • deep-drawn manifold for exact design and better power delivery
  • exact fit for easy “plug & play” installation
  • tight manifold routing for full lean clearance
  • additional mounting with springs to protect the exhaust flange

Additional recommendation for this exhaust


The racing exhaust SIP Road 3.1 is definitely a strong update with useful additions to the proven 3.0 version. For connoisseurs it is an absolute gem, even if the installation must be skillful. The improvements are definitely worth seeing. So let’s go to the next race track!

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