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Gift ideas for Vespa fans

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It’s not just at Christmas that we look for gift ideas for Vespa fans. We know many occasions when we are looking for a nice, original gift. Fortunately, there are not only the online giants, which don’t always have the best quality anyway, but also websites with a proven guarantee of satisfaction.

How about a nice, exclusive bottle of red wine?

Not a simple, cheap one from the supermarket, of course, but a wonderfully matured barrique red wine from sunny Piedmont/Italy, where the alcohol-soaked cherry in a chocolate coat comes from.

The red wine is a one-off with the melodious name Cascina Castlet (name of the winery), it is a Barbera d’Asti, the bottle has an artistically designed label with a Vespa on it. There are four girls in colorful dresses, as they were probably worn at the end of the 1940s when the Vespa was invented. These girls are enthroned on a Vespa scooter, but not quite in accordance with the transportation regulations. The price of a bottle is €17.90.

Speaking of transportation. SIP delivers free of charge from €100. To make shipping worthwhile, 6 bottles of red wine can be purchased directly for a total price of €89.

Matching Vespa socks with scooter motif

These smart Vespa socks are the perfect finishing touch to our gift. They are beautifully designed and comfortable to wear. The embroidered lettering Vorfreude – SIP also enhances the soles.

The price is €10.90. Not cheap, but not everyone else on the street is wearing socks like these. They are also an eye-catcher (when we support our scooter with our legs at traffic lights, for example, you can see them!) The motif is available in different colors.

T-shirt with funny print: SIP 1 UP, 3 DOWN

What does the 1 up/3 down mean? Well, just think about it?

The gear shift, of course. 1st gear up, 3 more gears down. This truly original T-shirt is available in black and white, with the print embossed using an elaborate screen printing process. So no more: once washed, the color is gone. The shirt is also made of 100% cotton and is therefore comfortable to wear.

The shirt is available in sizes S – XXL. Price €35 plus shipping costs (unless cleverly combined). The only downside: these T-shirts are only available in a men’s cut. Although presumably nobody would mind if a woman slipped this garment on. And it’s not written anywhere that riding a Vespa is only for men.

Iconic stickers for the chassis

Stickers are always a fun way to personalize your Vespa. Available with the inscription:

or alternatively

These eye-catchers cost €5 each plus shipping costs.

Don’t forget anything with the key chain

An original key ring always goes down well, especially with Vespa fans.

  • A key fob in an elegant design: genuine leather, SIP tape logo, antique gold/brown, €16.90
  • another unusual motif is the Vespa speedometer, round, made of stainless steel, price € 3.80 plus shipping

Practical packaging included

Practical gym bags (with labeling) that are not only suitable for gymnastics:

Feeling Good Vintage

340 x 430 mm, in either gray or olive green, fits a lot of stuff. Cost 22.90 € each.

All items are currently available from stock at SIP. The delivery time for all items listed above is 1-3 days. Just in time for missing Christmas surprises!

No matter whether you are looking for more key rings, lanyards, T-shirts, sweatshirts, calendars and the like: The SIP Scootershop from Landsberg/Lech is a real goldmine for gifts.

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