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24 hours race : Vespa the Resistance

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Vespa The Resistance is an extraordinary 24-hour race that puts Vespa and Lambretta scooters on the track. From standard models to heavily modified racing machines, up to 60 teams compete against each other in four different categories. With a total of around 320 riders, the focus is on fun and the essence of endurance racing.

The event started in 2006 as a 6-hour race and was extended to 24 hours in 2011, when it was given the name Vespa The Resistance. The venue is the Circuito Internacional de Zuera, known for the CIK World Championship. With a track length of 1,700 meters, a width of 10 meters and a mixture of 7 right and 4 left turns, the track ensures excitement from start to finish. This race is often regarded as the unofficial world championship in endurance racing for scooters.

One Vespa with five riders

This year, 29 teams competed in the various classes, including scooters from well-known tuning companies such as Polini, Pinasco and Crimaz. SIP Scootershop supported Team Germany 111, or #TG111 for short. Mike Betz, co-founder of the team, recalls: “We were the first German-speaking team to take part in the race in 2011. Thanks to our advertising for the event, the number of participants from German-speaking and French-speaking countries increased continuously. So far, no other team has won twice, but we have already achieved four overall victories in the SP1 class (fastest class).”

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Source: Bengt Lange

In addition to Mike, four other drivers were part of the team: Rapfi, Woidi, Ulf and Stoffi. The team started from an excellent 3rd place and Rapfi opened the race at 12.00 noon sharp with the famous Le Mans start. After three hours, the team was in a strong 2nd place. The bike ran smoothly and the team put in a solid performance.

SIP have already presented the scooter in the “Custom Creations” series. Check out the video to see Mike and his team fly around the track at up to 130 km/h. A short summary from engine builder Karoo: “Quattrini M200, 58 mm long stroke. Maximum power is not the goal, but durability. The power delivery must be as smooth as possible. 32 carburetor, special gearbox from Faio with perfectly matched gear steps. Hartz 4 clutch – that’s it. Easy to ride and extremely reliable. That’s what it’s all about.”

The team behind the riders

“Without a good team, the riders aren’t worth much,” Mike emphasizes. “Our team sets up the scooter before the race and forms the pit crew during the race. Our guys have done a great job. Since this year, we have also been actively involved in promoting young talent. Two team members have brought their sons with them, and one of them already owns a racing scooter.”

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Source: Bengt Lange

The team includes: Alex, responsible for electrics and self-developed control units as well as live telemetry. For the past two years, he has also organized the live broadcast of the race on the Internet. Putzi, a founding member, has ended his racing career, but his son Leo helps to set up the scooter and is part of the pit crew, as are Benni, Sud and his son Moritz.

The first problems were overcome

After around five hours, the first big job for the pit crew began when Stoffi reported: “No more gears.” The crew worked quickly and professionally, and thanks to fair sportsmanship, even other teams helped. After nine hours, dusk fell and the team was happy about the cooler temperatures. The team was in third place, and although some repairs were necessary during the night, this position was maintained until the morning.

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Source: Bengt Lange

Excitement right to the end

The sun returned and #TG111 continued to complete lap after lap. 15 minutes before the end, the shock: “Ulf has crashed and is pushing the scooter to the pits.” It was hectic, but after 4 minutes and 27 seconds the scooter was back on the track and held 3rd place behind Crimaz and Pinasco. It was close, but the team showed impressive morale and held on.

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Source: Bengt Lange

SIP Scootershop congratulates #Team Germany 111 powered by GSF on this achievement and third place. The dedication, professionalism and teamwork deeply impressed all spectators. Respect to the team!

Text source: www.sip-scootershop.com
Picture source: Bengt Lange

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