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New Vespa rims SIP MK: visual highlights with style

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The Vespa, the flagship of the traditional Piaggio company, is a classic among scooter types and proves this at all times. Its good reputation and name have been enhanced for decades by an active fan base, and buying the quietly humming wasp is all about riding fun for the young and young-at-heart target audience. All models are boldly colored and sometimes exuberant, with a look to suit the individual rider.
One of the leading brands in the field of design and tuning is still SIP, known for its slogan “Performance & Peace”. They offer a wide range of spare parts, tuning tools and accessories so that everyone can customize their beloved two-wheeler. This also applies to visual highlights such as rims.

Not all rims are the same: distinguishing features of the different types of rims

If you decide to buy a new rim to enhance the look and ride of your vehicle, you will find the right component in the SIP Scootershop. In general, rims, whether for Vespa GTS or any other vehicle model, are differentiated according to construction type, material, design and number of spokes. In addition, the rim coating offers different surface looks and design options.

To make a vehicle sportier, replacing the rim is almost a must. Tuning enthusiasts can choose from various Vespa rims for the aforementioned Vespa GTS or any other vehicle model. Three rims of the new MK series are presented here today, which are impressive both visually and in terms of material.

SIP MK I rim – a multi-spoke rim with a difference

The SIP MK I rim is a multi-spoke rim with a difference. Due to the small distance between the spokes, the design appears very cohesive and focuses on the made-to-measure design. In this context, 20 spokes have been joined to form a harmonious whole, the attractiveness of which has been enhanced by a colored high-gloss finish. Suitable for riding thanks to a general Road Legal operating permit, it is above all the visual style of the 12″ or 13″ alloy wheel that catches the eye.

Approved for the Vespa models Vespa GTS, GTS Super, GTV, GT 60 and GT, this sporty rim reflects the extravagant look of its owners. Available in various colors, the rim could be the icing on the cake of a racy Vespa that makes spring and summer its passion. According to the trade press, the shiny surface look has won over all the critics.

SIP MK II rim – a classic 5-spoke aluminum rim

The 5-spoke aluminum rim, also known as a classic in the automotive industry, can differ massively in terms of design, structure and surface finish. The SIP MK II rim available in the SIP Scootershop is no exception in this respect. Marketed as the first genuine lightweight rim, the tuning part is almost a third lighter than conventional comparisons and still meets all reliability requirements and standards.

In addition to more agile handling, it is primarily its dynamic design that emphasizes itself. Finished with a matt bronze coating, the black highlighted scooter is the main feature. This is not only vintage in its purest form, but also enhanced by perfect handling. The end result: an upgrade of the Vespa models, GTS, Primavera and Sprint is also an officially certified letter of endorsement made to measure in terms of load limit and riding performance.

SIP MK IV rim – the racy appearance of an assertive design

The focus of the SIP MK IV rim is undoubtedly its strong design. In contrast to the previously mentioned rim types, this is based on straight lines and shapes. To call the component purist is therefore correct and underlines its modern character. Presented simply in high-gloss black, the 5-spoke double-spoke alloy wheel advertises pure-bred sportiness.

Apart from the design, which is suitable for the Vespa models GTS, GTS Super, GTV and GT, it is also the running characteristics of the wheel that are impressive. Equipped with a large diameter and assertive lines, this wheel enlivens every vehicle and becomes the focal point in the large parking lots and scene areas of the summery city.

SIP, the big playground for Vespa friends, prospective buyers & scooter enthusiasts

For over 30 years now, Vespa owners have found a reliable partner for Vespa tuning in the company SIP-Scootershop. Here, everything revolves around the optimization of the roadworthy and motorized two-wheeled classic. The focus is not only on the appearance of the city runabout, but also on its riding characteristics, engine, mileage and environmental compatibility. As a result, the electric motor has also become the number one mechanical means of propulsion for the Vespa. In daily two-wheeled operation, this protects the environment and the quality of city air immensely. In addition to the new e-scooters, however, petrol scooters with different engine outputs continue to be an unbroken trend, with the main focus on riding enjoyment. In this context, all accessories, spare and replacement parts in the SIP Scootershop warehouse are based on the classic Vespa, the modern Vespa, the maxi scooter, the Lambretta, e-scooters and many more. The Vespa rim plays a major role here. This presents itself as the figurehead of the respective vehicle model.

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