Motorcycle glasses, important or just a stylish accessory?

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It can often be a nuisance, especially on longer journeys, if your eyes are exposed to the wind and the associated flying insects without protection. Motorcycle glasses can help against this. Such glasses are, of course, an accessory based on the wearer’s sense of fashion. But is that all there is to it?

What features motorcycle glasses should have

Ideally, goggles should not only look good but also be useful. On longer Vespa tours, the goggles must live up to their designation as protective goggles and protect the eyes from wind and weather, mosquitoes and stone chips. They can only do this if they fit perfectly under the prescribed helmet.
First of all, it plays a role whether a visual aid is needed in everyday life.
Let’s take a brief look at the most important of the numerous criteria for a visual aid:

  • an eye test must determine the visual acuity
  • the shape of the face plays a role (oval, round, square, heart-shaped)
  • the shape of the face determines the shape of the glasses and the frame material (aluminum, plastic, metal, titanium)
  • the frame type (full rim, half rim, frameless) can be decisive with regard to the safety helmet
  • whether the lens is scratch-resistant or not
  • last but not least, we are interested in the overall price of the visual aid

It is best to clarify all the necessary questions with the specialist staff in the eyewear store and possibly take the helmet with you to the store to try it on. Once all this has been clarified, we come to the next question:

Where do we buy which model of motorcycle glasses?

The answer is quite simple: we turn to our trusted dealer for everything the Vespisti heart desires: the SIP Scootershop has numerous motorcycle glasses and goggles to choose from. There we find everything we need and at a fair price.

Recommended motorcycle goggles from SIP and APHEX

SIP and APHEX offer three models that differ only in their design, while the technical details are identical in each case. The development of these goggles is based on a collaboration between SIP and the French manufacturer APHEX. The frame has a classic design that adapts perfectly to the shape of the head.

Special highlights of the motorcycle goggles

  • Unisex size, with adjustable strap
  • Lenses: clear/silver mirrored
  • the lenses are double-walled magnetic, therefore easy to replace
  • lenses for evening and night riding
  • tinted lenses for sunshine
  • 100 % UV protection
  • best ventilation
  • flexible, slim polyurethane frame
  • triple density foam
  • hypoallergenic fleece lining

These goggles are particularly suitable for use with half-shell helmets and motocross helmets. The prices are € 149 each and are currently available.

For perfect cleaning of the goggles, there is the helmet & visor cleaner SIP wet and dry cloth, in case the lenses get a little blurred during or after the ride.

Other eyewear brands at SIP

  • OAKLEY, good fit, unbeatable price, only 49 €
  • perfect addition to any jet helmet
  • three-layer face pad
  • removable nose protection
  • anti-fog and anti-scratch coating
  • different colours available

Classics of the 70s: retro eyewear from DMD in Italy

Special features:

  • DMD Ghost motorcycle goggles
  • Comfortable fit, protection from wind and flies
  • gray velvet face padding
  • Protected ventilation slits
  • black polycarbonate frame
  • large, comfortable field of vision
  • good ventilation
  • Price currently € 71 plus shipping

The flagship among motorcycle goggles is called AVIATOR T2

It is the most popular vintage/retro goggle on the market and is produced with attention to detail by the family company “L. Jeantet” in France. Whether you wear glasses or not: almost all sunglasses or goggles can be accommodated in the helmet, supported by integrated slots for the frames of everyday glasses.

A large field of vision, scratch-resistant, transparent lenses and a non-slip frame mount are just as much a part of this as ventilation slots.
Interchangeable lenses can be purchased as accessories.
The colored strap with the discreet, embroidered company logo rounds off the overall appearance of these comfortable glasses and easily justifies the current price of €172.

No matter which goggles you end up choosing, the main thing is that your eyes are protected and you can safely set off on your next Vespa trip! We have the following article to help you choose the right helmet: “Vespa helmet guide

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