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Without a helmet, riding a Vespa or any other brand of scooter becomes a risk for head injury. Since 1976 there is a helmet obligation in Germany. This applies without alternative also for Vespa drivers. Vespa helmets are functional, influence the look and can express the very personal style.

Vespa helmet – safety with style

Not only the old Vespa scooters from the sixties and seventies stand for style and Italian charm. Vespa helmets are also true cult objects and inspire scooterists worldwide with their vintage charm. The classic jet helmet shape in retro design is available in many elegant colors and with a flip-up, large visor. The visor is scratch-resistant and some models have an integrated sun visor. The Micrometric ratchet closure ensures that the Vespa helmet is easy to put on and take off. The models are unisex, which means there is no special Vespa helmet for women or men. The only important thing is the right size and fit to be safe on the road. Vespa helmets meet the highest safety standards with the ECE 22.06 test seal. They protect the head of the riders with vintage charm and high quality materials.

Helmet categories

For a wide selection of helmets, visors and matching glasses and accessories SIP Scootershop is well positioned. For every head and every taste will certainly be something to find!

Jet helmets with and without visor

Jet helmets are the most stylish option and also the most popular among Vespa riders. They are the successors of the casual leather caps from the 50s and 60s. Jet helmets for men and women are among the best-selling helmet types among motorbike and scooter riders. In addition to Vespa, well-known manufacturers of the huge range include Piaggio, DMD, Bandit, Redbike, 70’s, Bell and SIP brands. Jet helmets are available without goggles or complete with goggles or visors. They come from the factory with clear or tinted visors. Many of these scooter helmets have a sun visor and a long visor. During the day in bright sunshine, the visor is used. In the evening, the long visor provides better protection from dust and insects. Here is a selection of jet helmets without visor and a selection of jet helmets with visor from the SIP Shop.

Full-face Helmets

This type of helmet definitely offers more protection than jet helmets with the full-face design. Integral helmets protect not only the face and eyes, but also specifically the chin area and jaw. The head is wrapped all around with the visor closed. The helmets convince with aerodynamic design, which provides protection for the ears even at high speeds. All full-face helmets have an ECE certificate. Here is a selection of full-face helmets from the SIP Shop.

Half-shell Helmets

With the half-shell helmet is not the safety in the foreground, but optics and style are essential. These braincaps fit the classic scooter, retro bike or chopper. They are not ECE approved and may only be worn in Germany. Well-known manufacturer of this compact helmet shape is Redbike. Here is a selection of half shell helmets from the SIP Shop.

Kids helmets

Children’s helmets have a low weight. On the small helmet shell, the visor is usually firmly attached so that it is not lost during the ride. Manufacturers such as LS2, Bell or BHR offer numerous jet helmets and half-shell helmets for children and teenagers. Thus, the child is well equipped for a happy family excursion on the scooter. Here is a selection of children’s helmets from the SIP Shop.

Innovative Vespa helmets

The flip-up / modular helmet combines the advantages of two helmet models. Closed, the flip-up helmet offers the safety and appearance of a full-face helmet. The chin section can be folded up when riding slowly or when taking a break and the helmet becomes a jet helmet.

The Vespa model Visor BT “Super tech” provides stereo sound with 2 integrated speakers. The connection with music, navigation and telephony is via Bluetooth.

Not only with modern design, but with theft protection, the manufacturer Vespa comes up. For this purpose, some models have an anti-theft ring attached to the chin strap.

Differences of the helmets

The helmet types differ in the closures. There is a choice of ratchet closure, click closure and double-D closure. Whether riders opt for goggles or visors depends on the helmet type and personal preferences. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to helmet colors and paintwork. Only helmets made of carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass are suitable for airbrushing. A scooter helmet consists of two different layers. The hard outer shell is made of thermoplastic (ABS) or fiber composites such as GRP and carbon. Polystyrene is used for the inner shell.

Tips for buying a helmet

The selected helmet should be comfortable, not press and the head should not wobble in the helmet. Not all helmets are certified according to the generally applicable 22.06 ECE standard.
The helmet should be selected to fit the rider, the scooter and the use. If a rider uses the highway with the motorcycle, a full-face helmet is necessary. While enduro riders prefer a motocross helmet, casual chopper riders may prefer a jet helmet or even a half-shell helmet.

For any questions, it is worthwhile to contact professionals. The team from SIP Scootershop will be happy to help you!

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