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Vespa season start – what to wear?

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The 2023 season has begun! Wearing the right clothes is very important when it comes to scooters, motorcycles or bikes. SIP Scootershop offers a wide range of clothing so that you are always safe and stylish on the road. In the SIP online store you will find a wide selection of pants, jackets, gloves, protective clothing as well as shoes, socks and scarves. A visit to the SIP flagship store in Landsberg is worthwhile if you want personal advice and to try on clothes on site. There you will not only get expert advice, but also the opportunity to see for yourself the quality and comfort of the products.

Let’s start at the top:

Helmets for the right protection

Without a helmet, riding a Vespa or any other brand of scooter becomes a risk for head injury. Since 1976 there is a helmet obligation in Germany. This applies without alternative also for Vespa riders. Vespa helmets are functional, influence the appearance and can express the very personal style. For a wide selection of helmets, visors and matching glasses and accessories, the SIP Scootershop is well positioned. For every head and every taste will certainly find something!

Jet helmets are the most stylish option and also the most popular among Vespa riders. They are the successors of the casual leather caps from the 50s and 60s.
Integral helmets, on the other hand, definitely offer more protection than jet helmets with their full-face design. Integral helmets not only protect the face and eyes, but also specifically the chin area and jaw. The head is wrapped all around with the visor closed. More detailed information about the different helmet types can be found in the following article: “Vespa Helmet Guide“.

Jackets and vests

A well-fitting jacket for scooter or motorcycle riding is essential and should be considered essential equipment. It not only protects the arms, ribs and back, but also vital organs. A traditional denim or leather jacket may be visually appealing, but it offers very little protection compared to the specialized products for scooter riding. Jackets designed for motorcyclists, on the other hand, have essential features thanks to high-quality materials and integrated protection. It is abrasion and tear resistant, offers impact protection and is also wind and water repellent.

When buying the right biker or motorcycle jacket, the first question is: should it be fabric, overshirt or leather? Textiles and lightweight outerwear are ideal for warmer weather, as they are light and breathable and give the feeling of wearing a T-shirt. Who wants to sweat in a heavy leather jacket in the heat and not feel the breeze on their skin? But even in hot weather, protection should not be ignored, for everything important here is a separate article about it: “Driving Vespa – special care in the heat“.

Gloves for scooter and motorcycle

The right pair of gloves can make a big difference. They protect your hands from the particular weather and from injury. The draft of the air cools the fingers severely. This makes it more difficult to move around. The cold fingers accept the impulses through the brain more slowly. As a result, the reaction time of the hands is longer. This increases the risk of accidents.

Motorcycle shoes differ primarily in their material. One type is made of textiles, the other is made of leather. Leather gloves are breathable. Soft leather nestles against the hand. The mobility is hardly hindered. Depending on the material used, textile gloves effectively protect against moisture. They are easy to care for and can often be cleaned in the washing machine. The models are adapted to the season. Gloves for winter are more heavily lined and insulate better. Summer gloves are much lighter in texture and warm less.
A detailed insight into the subject: “Everything firmly in hand – gloves for Vespa driving“.

Pants for the Vespa ride

Those who shy away from heavy and uncomfortable leather pants or reject unsightly textile pants can now reach for biker jeans. They not only impress with their appealing look, but also offer excellent protection. A wide selection can be found under pants in SIP Scootershop.

When choosing, pay attention to the level of protection and do not just go for the cheapest product. It is important that the seams are properly made, that the protectors are strong and safe and that the material is ideally tear-resistant. If you go for high quality right from the start, you will save a lot of money in the long run. That’s why it’s worth investing in high-quality biker jeans.

Shoes for the right appearance

The latest generation of shoes not only completes the basic function of foot protection, but also emphasizes the individual style of the wearer. With a wide range of colors, materials and styles, you will never have to choose between “driving shoes” and “casual shoes” again. These shoes offer the perfect combination of functionality and style. All shoes are CE EN 13634 certified and can even be worn in scooter riding schools.

In wind and weather – Rainproof clothing

With the right rain protection, scooter riders are safe on the road even in rainy weather, and so a ride with the Vespa can be really fun even when it’s wet. Rain jackets and pants are used, either individually or as a combination, there is free choice. There are also complete covers that protect against wind at the same time. If everything has been thought of, riding a scooter in the rain can be fun! For a detailed article on driving in the rain, there is an extra article here: “On the road with the Vespa in wind and rain“.

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