Blaue Vespa steht in der Sonne

Driving Vespa – special care in the heat

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Especially in summer, many Vespa riders are drawn to the road. As long as the temperatures remain below 30 degrees, the risks are low. However, if they rise to 30 degrees or more, there’s a lot to consider. Often the risks are underestimated. With a little caution and planning, damage to the Vespa or health problems can be easily avoided.

The right equipment for midsummer temperatures

The temptation to ride without protective clothing in the summer is great. However, never ride in a T-shirt and shorts. The risk of injury in the event of an accident is extremely high. Even jeans do not offer sufficient protection.
Unfortunately, safety must usually be compromised to make clothing more comfortable in the heat. However, there are options that still provide enough safety. If it’s too warm for a leather suit, you can turn to heat-safe textile clothing. Here, make sure that shoulders and elbows are equipped with protectors. Often, however, these are only made of fabric. Protectors on the back are usually not available. However, these can be easily retrofitted by yourself or in a workshop.
Jacket sleeves and trouser legs can be rolled up a bit, as long as the critical areas are still protected. The zipper in the chest area can also be pulled down a bit to allow air to reach the body. However, the jacket must still be tight enough. If this is not the case, safety always comes first.

Even in the heat, the gloves must not be missing. Especially for the summer, almost every manufacturer offers shorter gloves with air intakes.
Ankle-high, sturdy footwear is also important in summer to avoid broken ankles. However, these are also available in air-permeable material.
Some relief can provide functional underwear, because it increases the evaporation surface and the sweat thus cools better. It also prevents moisture from accumulating under the protective clothing.
Wearing a helmet is of course a legal requirement, no matter how hot it is outside. A full-face helmet is always the safest option. These are also available with air intakes to cool the head. An even airier option is a jet helmet, which also provides sufficient, but not optimal protection. The helmet visor may be open a small gap while driving.
A common mistake is to assume that textile clothing with a membrane would be a good choice in high summer. Up to just above 20 degrees it is still breathable. At higher temperatures, moisture collects and significantly restricts comfort.

Planing in advance

Long tours should not be made when the temperature is above 30 degrees. The decisive reason for this is that the ability to concentrate suffers in the heat. The risk of accidents then increases significantly. Especially at lunchtime, the Vespa is best left standing. Tours are best planned for the morning or evening. If a visit to an outdoor pool or beach is planned, the outward and return trip can well be made in the morning and evening. If this is not possible, the Vespa should rather be left at home and instead, for example, the bicycle should be used.
During the tours, regular breaks are important. Here, a part of the protective clothing can well be taken off to cool down a bit. Of course, drinking enough water is always important in high temperatures, but here especially to stay focused. Light snacks such as fruit, vegetables or cereal bars can also help.
With air-cooled Vespa, the engine should be switched off in traffic jams or when standing still for a long time, otherwise it can easily overheat.

Recklessness carries great risks

Even if the temptation is great, these rules should be followed. With the temperatures in summer nowadays, it can even become critical for health. At over 30 degrees, direct sunlight and long periods of standing, the body temperature can rise to fever level. This results in dizziness, lack of concentration or even clouding of consciousness. Especially highways during traffic jams and city traffic should not be underestimated. Often even heat damage occurs on the roads, which is why speed limits or warning signs, which at first glance do not make sense, are always taken seriously.

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