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The Vespa: An alternative for young people

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Besides having their own car, the Vespa is a very popular means of transportation among young people. In big cities and in the countryside, Vespas are equally popular because they offer mobility and are cheaper and take up less space than a car. But it all comes down to having the right driver’s license. Here you should also consider whether you want to buy a machine that you have to equip with police license plate and TÜV or the cheaper variant just without these legal requirements.

Basic information

Basically, if you have a car license, you can drive a classic Vespa without having to get a separate license. With the classic Vespa you have a maximum horsepower of 50 km/h. With a Vespa that drives up to a maximum of 50 km/h, no Vespa license plate is needed. However, if you do not have a driver’s license that entitles you to drive a passenger car, you are required to obtain a moped license. Only then you can drive a Vespa in public traffic. For the moped license you must be at least 15 years old. For all Vespas that exceed 50 km/h, there is a license plate requirement. So you have to go to the registration office and register the Vespa officially with police license plates and have a separate driver’s license for the Vespa. Also the TÜV is obligatory. A difference between old and new federal states is not made. The regulations apply uniformly throughout Germany.

The differences between Vespa and small motorcycle

As a rule, a distinction is made between Vespa and a small motorcycle.
You have acquired a classic Vespa, if it does not exceed 50 km/h.
A Vespa, which is classified as a small motorcycle, you have purchased if the 50 km / h are exceeded. Then legal regulations take effect as with a motorcycle and/or passenger car. Within the listed horsepower classifications there are no special exceptions. Every Vespa with up to 50 km/h is a Vespa and from 51 km/h a small motorcycle.

The compulsory insurance for Vespa and small motorcycle

It can be stated here that you must have both variants properly insured. There are some insurance providers that you can search online and request a non-binding cost inquiry. So you can also calculate the cost factor in addition to the purchase and the possible registration.

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