The right insurance cover for the Vespa

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What should be considered when insuring the Vespa?

The basis of a Vespa insurance is a motor vehicle liability insurance. This is also required by law and therefore mandatory. This insurance takes effect in case of an own caused accident and takes over all costs of the damages that have arisen. For the damage to the own Vespa the liability insurance does not cover.
If the insurance should take over the damage of the own Vespa in case of an accident, then it is recommended to take out either a partial cover insurance or a fully comprehensive insurance. These insurances are definitely a good choice for a new Vespa.

What are the costs associated with insurance of the Vespa?

A number of factors play a major role in the costs. One is which model is to be insured. Of course, an average Vespa is cheaper than a rare vintage car. Here, the insurance already includes the higher costs of a possible repair. The value of the Vespa plays in any case a role for the contribution. With a more valuable Vespa, additional services should be included in the tariff.
The place of residence, the mileage and also the vehicle owner play a role in determining the cost of insurance. A liability insurance for a Vespa usually costs about between 35 and 70 €.

Are there differences in terms of age or driving experience?

Whether it is a driver who has just received his driver’s license, a driver who has had no accidents for many years, or a person who has already caused several accidents, all of these points naturally play a significant role in the cost of the insurance.
For a person younger than 23 years, a higher premium must be expected anyway. In this case, about 20-60 € are added to the base price.
Since there are numerous insurance companies that insure a Vespa, it is very useful to compare appropriate providers before this is concluded.

Please also absolutely note that a Vespa can only be insured if there is an insurance coverage. The corresponding license plates will only be issued after the insurance for the Vespa has been taken out. It is best to have an insurance cover that is all-encompassing. So the drivers are prepared for all eventualities.

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