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Trailer for the Vespa: This is important when choosing a model

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The storage space of a Vespa is very limited. If you are planning a longer trip, you may not be able to get by with what fits under the seat or can be placed on the luggage rack. In these cases, a Vespa Trailer provides relief. We have summarized what Vespa riders should bear in mind when using a trailer.

It’s that simple to use a Vespa trailer

If you want to tow a trailer with your car, you must first install a trailer coupling on the vehicle. This costs additional money. Fortunately, this issue is a little less complicated with Vespa trailers. Because with these, all the elements required for connecting to the scooter are included in the scope of delivery: Vespa owners must first attach an adapter plate to their two-wheeler. This sits between the seat cushion and the rear light. The plate also has the trailer coupling.

  • Many trailer models can convince with the following features, which make it easy and safe to use:
  • They have a TÜV certificate, which allows them to be used on German roads.
  • They are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, which makes them very light.
  • They get by with one tire.
  • They are connected to the Vespa via multi-pole cables so that the current for the tail light can be transmitted.
  • The hitch allows up, down and sideways movements. The Vespa trailer keeps its track because the clutch can not twist.

As a rule, Vespa trailers are delivered pre-assembled. Then only a few handles are required so that they can be used. However, thanks to the supplied instruction manual, this is no problem. A cover is not included in the scope of delivery. It can be helpful to protect the luggage from rain.

Many Vespa trailers are real eye-catchers. They follow the classic design model of the Vespa. The team thus looks like a single piece and the trailer does not catch the eye as a disturbing element.

What to look for in Vespa trailers?

In terms of design, the common trailer models are very similar. They are about 1.21 m long, 0.57 m wide and 0.62 m high. Their weight is 20 kg. It can be loaded up to 30 kg, as the maximum weight is equal to 50 kg. When choosing the top cover, Vespa riders can choose between three basic types:

  • a closed plate.
  • a closed panel with metal struts.
  • a roller blind.

The closed plate with metal struts as a border offers a decisive advantage, because additional luggage can be placed on it and securely lashed. However, it should be noted that the pieces placed on it are not protected from wind and weather.

By the way, a cover is not mandatory. Those who consider it unnecessary can also move their trailer in the open state. Then it is possible, for example, to transport a dog. However, Vespa trailers are not approved for transporting people. Anyone who intends to do so must purchase a suitable sidecar.

Vespa trailer: Be sure to pay attention to the maximum towing capacity

There are suitable hangers for many Vespa models. These differ in the design of the adapter plate. They are therefore not universally compatible. Therefore, it is important when buying a two-wheel trailer to pay attention to which Vespa this should be attached.

In addition to the commercially available Vespa trailers, some proprietary designs are also offered on the Internet. They look more like a classic car trailer. This is due to the box shape and the wheels on both sides, which give the trailer additional stability. However, prospective buyers should not be blinded by the larger cargo space. Because the maximum permissible towing weight for the Vespa is given by the manufacturer Piaggio with a maximum of 55 kg. Since the two-wheeled trailer weighs more due to its sturdy construction, the effective load mass is limited to a few kilos.

According to the registration papers, the maximum speed for Vespa trailers is limited to a maximum of 60 km/h. Vespa drivers should also take care to steer evenly and not take curves too jerkily. Rapid changes of direction bring unrest into the trailer. Inexperienced drivers could then lose control of their Vespa under certain circumstances.

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