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Sidecar for the Vespa

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Riding a Vespa is fun – and even more so if you can take a second person along. But not only for this, but also for carrying luggage, a sidecar, a so-called sidecar, is ideal. Anyone who wants to convert their Vespa to have more storage space or room for a passenger can do so with the right accessories – no special driver’s license is required for this.

Riding with the sidecar: What Vespa riders should pay attention to

Basically, it must be taken into account that the control of a Vespa carriage behaves quite differently than when driving the scooter alone. The steering angle and the shifting of the weight or the acceleration or braking are used to steer through and into the curve. This is because sidecars are steered asymmetrically – meaning that the steering axis is not in the center. If you’re driving with a sidecar for the first time, you’ll quickly notice that the driving experience is completely different and requires some time to get used to.

For example, it can happen that the sidecar lifts off the road when passing a curve – the reason for this is the centrifugal forces. If the rider steers in a different direction, the sidecar, on the other hand, is pushed towards the ground. As a result, the front wheel is compressed so that the rear wheel of the tractor can also lift up.

This is precisely why it is so important to adapt your driving style to the new conditions and to reduce your speed, especially when cornering. The likelihood of a sidecar toppling over is devastatingly small – but drivers should never countersteer too hard in the event of an unexpected lift off the ground. That would be dangerous and could result in going into the oncoming lane. If, for example, you steer to the left into a curve, you must expect the nose of the sidecar to touch the ground and the center of gravity to shift forward. This is why particular caution is required here. Nevertheless, it is clear that driving with a sidecar can be a lot of fun. It is practical anyway, because it gives drivers the opportunity to carry additional luggage, a passenger or even their own dog.

What are the advantages of driving with a carriage?

There are some clear advantages to riding with a sidecar over a solo Vespa. For example, Vespa riders with a sidecar are seen much faster: While the sidecar is conspicuous enough on its own, it is also wider and takes up more space on the road. Other road users therefore automatically become more attentive.

Furthermore, the sidecar increases the overall stability of the carriage. A slip does not immediately lead to a fall from the Vespa – tipping over is almost impossible.
A big advantage is of course also that with a sidecar the partner, a good friend or even the dog can be carried along. Even traveling for several days with additional luggage is no problem with a sidecar of the Vespa.

We often hear that a car and carriage is cumbersome and would spoil the fun of driving. However, the opposite is true: riding in pairs is fun for both the driver and the passenger – and that’s the most important thing. There are now numerous models from which Vespa riders can choose.

Tips on how to use a sidecar for the Vespa

It takes quite a bit of practice before Vespa riders are safe on the road with a sidecar. Thus, during the learning phase, it is best to avoid using the Vespa without the sidecar. The first attempts are best carried out on an empty parking lot, which offers enough space for practicing. Tip: Stones or packed bags as weight replace the passenger for safety during practice. Alternatively, there are also special courses in many cities for driving with a carriage, which can also be helpful. Correct driving around curves is best practiced in great detail. So nothing can be in the way of your trip!

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Comments (3)

  1. Great article! I have a 1962 vespa with a sidey and I love it. Its like a little mini parade.

  2. Hello,

    I am looking for a sidecar for my 2019 red Vespa Primavera. Do you know of a good company that makes or sales them?
    I am in Latana, FL. I have been searching the Internet, but there are quite a few companies that do not look legitimate.
    I hope you can help. 

    Dr. Dariusz J. Ropiak

    1. Hello there,

      yeah it’s quite a challenge to find a sidecar for a PV.. the only company I could find right now is VespaSidecar.com. Maybe it helps to check local Vespa clubs or facebook groups:)

      Anna Vespamag Team

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