Forscher Vespa driving through a river

Explorer – the Vintage-Rally-Vespa from Vespuci & Hammerstout

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Speed through the countryside on a vintage rally Vespa, cross rivers and enjoy a new freedom off the beaten track. All this is possible with the Custom Vespa Explorer. This Vespa was created through a collaboration of a special kind. Vespuci, known as a special workshop for Vespas and Hammerstout, the fashion brand from Bandung-Indonesia. Both are big names in the custom culture scene and their intention was to create something completely different together. The result was a modern Vespa modification in vintage style with rally engine. This collaboration and the resulting research gave the Vespa its name. Forscher – the German word for inventiveness and research.

The Inspiration and the Makers

The Singer Vehicle Company, which converted the Porsche 911 in the 1990s, served as inspiration. From this came the vintage rally look for the Vespa, according to Wildan Fahmi, who is one of the conceptors of the Vespa modification. To match the look of the Vespa explorers, the Indonesian fashion label has developed a matching collection of waterproof jackets and pants.
Vespuci is a specialized workshop that provides technical upgrades and conversions with great experience and many years of know-how. Indonesia in particular is a Vespa stronghold, as Vespas were produced in Jakarta for decades. Even today, old Vespas are rebuilt and used with great skill and creativity. A cooperation of these two Indonesian companies for the “people’s vehicle” is quite obvious.

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The technical basics of the modification

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The Vespa LX 150 2V serves as the initial platform. The 12-inch rims were borrowed from the Vespa Sprint and all-terrain tires with a turbo fan were fitted for more ground clearance. This also provides cooling in the braking area. For shock absorption, the Bitubo “Racing Competition Shock Breaker” shock absorber set is fitted at the rear and front. To ensure a high angle of inclination and greater stability, the ABORI rear shock absorber mount is integrated by Fabrica. To reduce the load and not reduce the performance, the complete exhaust system of LeoVince GP Corsa Carbon is installed. For extra ergonomic brake levers, also suitable for smaller hands, the Fabrica EXCAL brake lever comes on the handlebar.
The power has also been adjusted. The drivetrain has also been modified with the sport variator and the accompanying sport clutch and bell.

The Design

The handlebar was taken from the Vespa LXV, which in turn was inspired by the 1951 model Vespa Sport Sei Giorni. The main lights on the front of the body and on the steerer tube are integrated into the fog lights and the turn signal sections are moved to the end of the handlebars. This serves to close gaps in the bodywork as much as possible. All lighting elements have been converted to LEDs. In addition, the closed frame prevents the ingress of dirt and minimizes the risk of broken body parts. The vintage style is also emphasized by the use of SIP LED brake lights and the ducktail from SOCA. The handgrips come from Bubur Ayam Racer and add more face to the vintage style. As befits a scooter, there is a floor plate at the end of the single seat for attaching a luggage rack for longer trips. To avoid a style clash, there are vintage-style luggage racks here as well.

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All in all, the custom vespa is a successful collaboration that will become an interesting vehicle for off-road sporty riders as well.

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