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Vespa – side stand or main stand?

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There are as many opinions on this subject as there are “Vespisti” (that’s what scooter riders call themselves internally). To make the decision easier, here are some facts in comparison.
The following applies equally to all stands
Never jack up or down with the engine running. The most impossible accidents have already happened, as can be seen from the relevant Vespa forums.

Which stand is used where, when and for what purpose

Side stand


  • the vehicle is quickly jacked up
  • simple and fast assembly, inexpensive in the acquisition
  • depending on price range with return spring
  • many Vespa riders recommend Buzzetti side stands (screws included); they are also shorter than the original Vespa stands and guarantee a firmer stand
  • Note: When the side stand is extended, the engine cannot be started (safety reasons).
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Side Stand Vespa


  • Screws and washers are not included with the original Vespa stand, they must be purchased at a hardware store (M8 x 35)
  • needs an absolutely even and firm underground (asphalt or plates), stand can sink in unstable ground
  • use only for a short time under visual contact
  • on downhill slopes it is essential to jack the nose pointing uphill
  • when parked downhill, the vehicle wants to bend to the law of centrifugal force and roll away forward

Main Stand


  • relatively safe stand
  • better and safer for repair works
  • protects the tires during hibernation and helps to prevent flat tires
  • with upright stand of the Vespa more space when parking between cars
  • can be filled up to the brim when the Vespa is standing upright


  • the handling/ jacking up must be learned and practiced
  • if unpracticed, difficult to perform, much effort (is wrong)
  • for the optics not so great (Vespa meetings etc.)
  • Stand/subsoil must be inspected carefully before parking
  • underbody anchorage can rust through
  • has no return spring like the side stand

To reinforce the underbody as an additional support in terms of stability as well as rust protection, an extension plate adapted to the chassis can be purchased and mounted. A subsequently mounted reinforcement can also be used for the side stand.

Simply click here on this link to the sip-scootershop, which actually always and for all Vespa models has a solution in stock. If that should not be the case, everything can be procured. 

Practical tips for easier jacking up and jacking down of the main stand

Always switch off the engine first before dismounting.
Dismounting on the left side, the rider stands in front of the vehicle. The left hand grips the handlebar grip while simultaneously pulling the brake lever slightly. The right hand seeks a firm grip on the seat handle, the strut or the rear spoiler (depending on the model). The right foot is used to load the stand’s base.
When moving the machine slightly back and forth, you can feel the scooter aligning itself on the stand. Release the brake handle. Then, using the handle of the right hand, pull the scooter upwards with momentum. The main stand locks into place and stands securely.

As we can see, this does not require a great deal of force, but technique is helpful. The statement that a Vespa is not for small, light riders is hereby exposed as a myth.

Both for the use of the side stand, as well as the main stand, we have useful recommendations:
To stabilize the Vespa, a small, handy metal shim is carried along (side stand), which compensates for an unstable surface.
For the main stand, a wooden board (hardwood / plywood) can serve as a solid base. These stand aids brand self-made are easily stowed in the helmet compartment.
It takes some skill, especially with the main stand, until the right position is found, but with a little practice it works out pretty quickly.


The answer to the initial question, which stand should be used for what, is ultimately up to the decision of each Vespisti. This is where common sense comes into play.
In addition, the topic of stands is already addressed in the driving school. If not, please contact your driving instructor or read up on us.

Due to the constant facelifts and other technical changes to new models, each of the stands must be adapted to the respective model! Means practically, each of the numerous models has its own stand.
In case of doubt, precautionary inquire at the SIP Scootershop, which offers a solution for every concern.
Basically, the following always applies: 
Safety comes before convenience and appearance!

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