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Vespa – With a foiling to a new shine

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Not only in Italy, the Vespa has long been a cult. This scooter has endured for generations and still has its fans. If you are also one of the proud Vespa owners, then there is even more. Change the look and turn your scooter into a two-wheeler with an outfit that stands out. This is made possible by foiling your Vespa, which is covered with a plastic film for this purpose. You choose the material, color and motifs according to your own ideas. Your creativity is in demand here. Your Vespa will not only stand out among many, you have given it a unique selling point.

The color should match the lacquer

The foiling is a full wrap. This means that all components are included in it. The material of these films is usually PVC, although there are still some differences. So you can choose a so-called cast film or also a film that is calendered. Cast films are cast and therefore particularly resilient. And if you choose colored complete foils, the color should match that of the paint as closely as possible. Any deviations here are associated with greater effort and consequently higher costs.

Foiling protects the lacquer

You can choose from all RAl colors for the foiling. That should actually be enough. If that is not enough and you want to have a different color, that is also possible. However, this costs more, but it is more individual and you bring more of your own creativity. Regardless of what you decide, your Vespa will look like new after the foiling. Top styled and simply beautiful to look at. In addition, there is a side effect that should not be underestimated. With the foiling, your lacquer is protected from outside influences such as stone chipping, hail and other things. And if after a few years you no longer like the film in its current form, then this is usually not a major problem. It can be removed very well and easily.

Let experts do it

Easy removal is one of the advantages of foiling over lacquering. Also, depending on the selected scope and desired extras in the processing, the cost is around 1000 euros, far below the price of lacquering, which involves more effort. In two to four days your Vespa can get a foliation. Best of all from experts of a specialized workshop, which knows with it. Because to foil a two-wheeler, extensive knowledge and great craftsmanship are necessary. Among other things, the edges and curves on your Vespa must be taken into account when applying the film. After all, they should be part of the whole. If the work is not done carefully, it will detract from the overall appearance. This is another reason why the work of a specialist is called for here. He also knows best what preparatory work is necessary. In any case, a simple wash is not enough to start film coating. The surface must be free of grease, smooth and dry. Small unevenness or even spots on the lacquer can also lead to fatal consequences after the foiling. Only the expert has the view and ensures that the filming succeeds and your Vespa gets the new face that was desired.

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