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A firm grip on everything – gloves for riding a Vespa

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Motorbike gloves should be worn on every ride. They protect the hands from the respective weather and from injuries. The draught of air cools the fingers severely. This makes it more difficult to move. The cold fingers accept the impulses from the brain more slowly. As a result, the reaction time of the hands is longer. This increases the risk of accidents. Protective gloves are also useful for scooter rides. The speed is less than on a large motorbike. However, hand protection is important even at low speeds.

What types of gloves are available and how do they differ?

Motorbike gloves differ primarily in their material. One type is made of textiles, the other is made of leather. Leather gloves are breathable. Soft leather nestles against the hand. Mobility is hardly impeded. Depending on the material used, textile gloves effectively protect against moisture. They are easy to care for and can often be cleaned in the washing machine. The models are adapted to the season. Gloves for winter are more heavily lined and insulate better. Summer gloves are much lighter in texture and are less warm. In the cold season, riders like to use a longer shaft. This prevents parts of the forearm from being uncovered. In warm weather, short gloves are sufficient.

What is important when choosing?

Interested parties looking for the right motorbike gloves should consider the area of use. Sports gloves focus on safety. Touring gloves should be good all-rounders. They are worn over a longer period of time. The protection of the hands must still be guaranteed. Winter gloves must provide sufficient protection against the cold. Nevertheless, the mobility of the hands must not be restricted. Gloves worn in the transitional season are often made of a mix of materials. Textile and leather are combined in different ways. In addition to the texture, the size of the gloves is also an important criterion. The size specifications do not always provide clear information. Manufacturers from different countries interpret the sizes differently. Riders should try on the gloves for a sufficiently long time. The mobility of the fingers and the grip must be tested. Leather gloves often widen somewhat over time. Textile gloves are more likely to stay the same size.

Are there safety features for protective gloves?

Elastic materials ensure that the gloves fit snugly. The cuff at the wrist ensures that the glove does not slip while riding. An adjustable closure with Velcro can also ensure a secure fit. The hands are very exposed during the ride. In the event of a fall, they must therefore be specially protected. The CE mark makes it clear that the gloves comply with the standard. Since 2016, this clothing regulation has been controlled in France. The number that comes after EN indicates the exact form of certification.

How much do safety gloves cost?

Riders can find good gloves for as little as 20 euros, while other models cost up to 400 euros. The material used plays a significant role in the price. Leather gloves can be significantly more expensive than textile goods. If a rare leather is processed, this is reflected in the price. Cost should not be the primary consideration when buying. Safety and fit are clearly more important. A comfortable glove will be used longer. The quality can be recognised by the seams. The sturdy workmanship of the individual components ensures that they will remain intact for a long time.


Where can gloves for scooter riding be bought?

These products can be purchased in retail stores or on the internet. Interested people who are looking for these items for the first time can try out the fit directly in the shop. On the internet, customers can find various portals that offer a wide variety of gloves. The selection is very large. The ordered items are sent directly to the customer’s home. The models can then be tested extensively there. SIP Scootershop offers a large selection of gloves, both online and in the flagship store in Landsberg am Lech.

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