Vespa Height Reducer Kit for the GTS/GTV/GT

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Riding a Vespa should be made for anyone and everyone, no matter how tall or short. However, some people with smaller body size have problems to touch the ground safely and comfortably when standing. Fortunately, there is a practical solution for this: a rear lowering!

Technical data for the height reducer kit

The product is suitable for Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTV/GT 60/GT/GT L 125-300cc and is made of pure stainless steel. With the rear lowering the Vespa GTS is lowered by about 2cm, thus the seat height changes from 790mm to 770mm. Finally, it is important to control the Vespa safely even when standing, and for this both legs must be firmly on the ground.

  • lowering of the rear by approx. 2cm
  • safe stand
  • With ABE
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Height Reducer Kit rear
for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L 125-300ccm

Installation and ABE

The rear lowering is mounted on the two rear shock absorbers. Thereby the rear shock absorber is loosened. On the right side, two new plates are attached instead of the original shock absorber mount. On the left side, the suspension strut is lowered by means of an adapter. This lowers the vehicle by about 2 cm while the strut retains its full working travel.

Note: The general type approval (ABE) for the rear lowering is only valid in connection with the factory rear shock absorber and the original PIAGGIO exhaust. However, it is technically possible to use sport shock absorbers such as the SIP Performance and sport exhaust systems with a shorter muffler, which dip under the side hood.
Exhaust systems with a longer muffler butt up against the rear cowling. Unless the factory shock absorbers and original exhaust are used, individual approval is required. The attached ABE can serve as support for the registration.

It is strongly recommended to consult the technical service in advance to clarify any questions. The latest version of the ABE can be found in the downloads. Please check whether the ABE is valid for the desired vehicle before purchasing.

The latest version of the ABE can be found on the product page in the downloads below. Please check before buying if the ABE is valid for the desired vehicle!

There is also a rear lowering for the Vespa Primavera, which lowers the seat by about 2cm. This makes it possible for smaller people to find the optimal seat height.

The best setup

A rear lowering can also be very helpful for passengers on the back, since it can make getting on and off the vehicle much easier. In addition, SIP footrest adapters can be purchased for further comfort for the pillion passenger.
And don’t forget: safety always comes first, even for the Vespa itself. Therefore, suitable crash bars and bumpers are worthwhile to have more protection for the vehicle and yourself.

Good to know

Can you lower a Vespa?

Yes a rear lowering is possible on a variety of models if the Vespa saddle height does not fit properly. However, it always depends on which parts were installed deviating from the original, so that it does not come to friction or blockages.

How tall is a vespa?

Many models, of course, have different seat heights. The older series Vespa 50 S, N, & L has a seat height of 745mm. The majority of the newer models have a seat height of about 790mm, with the PX series having a saddle height of 805mm.

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