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Motorists have multiple protections in the form of reinforced passenger compartments and airbags. This is also a good thing and can protect against the consequences of an accident. But what about us Vespa drivers? As is well known, a Vespa has no airbag. But we are not completely unprotected against the consequences of an accident or fall. A resourceful developer has designed a vest with an integrated airbag.

And this is supposed to work?
Yes, it does, and it does it very well, and no one is pulling your leg here. The name of the lifesaver is Airscud.
It is the collaboration of the Italian manufacturer TUCANO URBANO (known to us vespisti by other useful tools and clothing) and the French IN & Motion AIRBAG (leader in the development of autonomous airbags, supplier of several riders in the MotoGP and Dakar).

How does the Airscud vest work?

Based on an intelligent algorithm integrated into the vest, the airbag determines the acceleration and speed of the driver 1000 times per second. It does this by means of built-in sensors.

When does the Airscud function kick in?

In the event of an accident or fall, the algorithm triggers the airbag in a fraction of a second. In response, the airbag cushion inflates in less than 60 milliseconds, with the necessary pressure to absorb the impact energy.

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How does the Airscud help?

The body of the vest wearer is stabilized, injuries to the spine are largely avoided, the vital organs are protected.
The electronic airbag vest from TUCANO URBANO not only offers maximum safety in road traffic, but is also characterized by maximum wearing comfort.

This vest can be worn both under and over the standard scooter protective clothing. The only thing to consider is that the airbag needs a certain amount of clearance to inflate (only applies when worn under the standard protective clothing).

Not only the protection is good

The fact that software and hardware are integrated in the Airscud is also remarkable.
In plain language, this means that there is no need for sensors on the Vespa or a connection from vest to scooter.

A battery life of approximately 25 hours is based on the software automatically switching off to standby mode when the vest is in a motionless state. The airbag automatic activates again at the slightest movement.

Important note
To start up and use the airbag system permanently, a membership must be purchased. It is not included in the purchase price. There are two models to choose from for purchasing the usage rights:

  • Purchase option “Regular
  • Leasing option “Revolution

For both options, interfaces such as Track or Adventure can be booked for a fee.

What happens after the Airscud has been used?

Good question. The system is of course reusable, otherwise we would have to buy a new vest after each use.

The gas used in the practical application comes from the so-called inflator. Once the gas has been used up, the inflator is empty and has to be replaced. However, some residual air mass remains in the airbag cushion to prevent any danger after a fall or accident.

To indicate that the inflator is empty or defective, a red LED lights up on the top left of the vest under a transparent cover.

App for support

A supporting aid is also the software behind it, which is why we need the In&box control unit. It is integrated directly into the vest. A back shell is incorporated into the vest to hold the control unit. The control unit In&box is included in the delivery and ready for use immediately after activation.

Correctly recognized, most software programs also need an app. The app needed for our In&motion airbag system is called: My In&box. Once the app is downloaded and installed, we need to open it to get to the dashboard. Then we click on the tab at the top right and follow the instructions to replace the inflator.

Instructions for handling the inflator ref. IMI 2368

  • Only inflators purchased from In&motion are certified and ensure proper functioning of the airbag system.
  • Always handle the inflator with care and do not let it fall to the ground.
  • Do not touch the blue plug located below the inflator with your fingers
  • Do not connect the plug until the inflator is firmly screwed on.
  • In case of visible damage, do not use it, but contact the manufacturer or a specialized dealer

What is needed to replace the inflator?

  • The inflator
  • A bicycle pump, compressor, gas station (any common inflation system is suitable)
  • The mobile In&box app
  • The Airscud airbag vest

Detailed instructions on how to handle the airbag vest can be found in the vest’s user manual.

Please note that the required body size is quite small from the fabric, so it is better to order one size larger.

Important note
The Airbag Vest must not be used by wearers of pacemakers or other medical, electronic devices.

The most important technical data

  • Upper material made of high-strength three-piece polyester
  • Taslan polyamide on chest and back
  • 500D Oxford polyamide on shoulders, stretch polyamide on hips
  • Two-fabric lining: 3D mesh on chest, polyester, Lycra and spandex on hips
  • Integrated In&motion AIRBAG
  • Rear zippers for access to In&box
  • Transparent PVC window to show system status
  • Integrated back protector, reflective prints
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For additional accident protection, we recommend abrasion-resistant jeans and safe shoes, as well as a motorcycle jacket to pull over, all available under clothing in the SIP Scootershop.


The Airscud system is the most versatile airbag system in the world. We distinguish three different applications:

The vest is abrasion and water resistant, which is why it can be worn over any outfit.
By attaching the sleeves (with protectors on shoulders and elbows), the vest can be classified as suitable for class A. Suitable as an underjacket for motorcycle clothing with protectors (preferably a product of the TUCANO URBANO brand), there are devices for secure attachment of the Airscud to the motorcycle jacket.
The vest can also be put over a backpack if desired. In this case, the backpack should not weigh more than 8 kg.

In conclusion, thanks to the Airscud we can combine maximum safety with high comfort.

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