Vespa repair – Mounting stand for engine and wheels

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If something needs to be screwed to the Vespa, it is often worthwhile to raise the scooter to reach the low-lying parts more comfortably. An assembly stand is also a very useful support for simple tire changes and should definitely not be missing from any (hobby) workshop.

This is a good opportunity for inventive DIY people. Anything that is even halfway suitable for jacking up is used as an aid.
At the top of the hit list is the beer crate, which is clamped under the rear end after the front wheel has been removed. Whether it is full or empty remains to be seen. Some handy men and women claim that to the screw necessarily also a beer belongs. Also we leave once in such a way. As long as after the enjoyment of the “people amusement water” our Diva is not driven, everyone should decide that for itself.

For work on the engine are often used small wooden parting or other temporary aids, which often leads to the opposite of a successful repair. And especially the engine is not to be trifled with during precision work. Therefore, there are also special assembly stands of any class for this purpose.

Popular models for engine mounting stands:

Engine assembly stand series PRO, Basic

  • for Vespa 50-125/ PV/ ET3/ PK50-125/ S/ XL/ XL2/ 125 VNA-TS/ 150 VBA-T4/ 160 GS/ 180
  • Costs currently at SIP 107 €, postage free, delivery in 1-3 days
  • In red/black, mobile, 360° rotatable

With this assembly helper applies: pure relief for all work on the scooter.
Good quality, stable and robust. Tilt, rotate, turn. Everything is possible without any problems.

Engine mounting stand, PRO series, Advanced

  • for Vespa 50-125/ PV/ ET3/ PK50-125/ S/ XL/ XL2/ 125 VNA-TS/ 150 VBA-T4/ 160 GS/ 180 SS/ Rally/ PX80-200/ PE/ Lusso/ ’98/ MY/ ’11/ T5
  • Costs currently at SIP 119 € with postage free shipping
  • Currently delivery shortage due to high demand
  • In red/black, table mounting possible, 360° swiveling so that the engine can be fixed in all imaginable positions

Thanks to the flexible clamping of the swingarm suitable for both largeframe and smallframe. The large support plate of the clamping unit provides a secure hold.
The makeshift wooden blocks, beer crates or other adventurous constructions are thus history.

Engine mounting stand SIP

  • for Vespa 50-125/ PV/ ET3/ PK50-125/ S/ XL/ XL2/ 125 VNA-TS/ 150 VBA-T4/ 160 GS/ 180 SS/ Rally/ PX80-200/ PE/ Lusso/ ’98/ MY/ ’11/ T5/ Cosa
  • It belongs to the premium class of the own brand SIP and currently costs 199 €, free shipping,
  • black-powder coated, swiveling and rotatable

This stand is easy on your back and hands. Last but not least, it also spares the nerves.

The developers of SIP have responded to the ergonomic needs of Vespa enthusiasts, which is why the jacking aid should not be missing in any Vespa workshop.

Engine Mounting Stand, Pro Series, Deluxe

  • for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3/PK50-125/S/XL/XL2/125 VN-TS/150/VBA-T4/160 GS/180 SS/ Rallye/PX80-200/PE/Lusso/’98/MY/’11/T5
  • the flagship of the PRO series currently costs 219 €, currently delivery bottlenecks, delivery time on request at SIP
  • red/black
  • mobile
  • 360° rotatable and swiveling

This assembly stand is one of the best quality motor assembly stands available.
It is equipped with 4 swivel casters, whereby the front casters are lockable.
A great help for all screw work on the engine, because ergonomically designed.

Practical for all work on the engine, be it changing seals, changing bearings, disassembly and assembly work. The 360° rotation allows the engine to be positioned at any conceivable place or height, regardless of whether the person wants to stand or sit during their work.

Existing mounting sleeves for quick upgrade with appropriate accessories such as parts tray with rubber mat (30 cm x 30 cm), or parts washing tray, tool tray, etc..

The stand disappears in any workshop corner when not in use.

Assembly stand for the wheels

Mounting stand VSK

  • for Vespa 125 TS/ 160 GS/ 180 SS/ 180-200 Rally/ PX80-200/ PE/ T5
  • current price 115 €, in stock, delivery time approx. 1-3 days.
  • Easy handling, safe stand, small pack size, suitable for travelling.
  • Fits in most glove compartments of a Vespa

Mounting stand C & C

located in the low price range

for Vespa Super/ TS/ GT/ GTR/ Sprint/ V/ Rally/ SS180/ PX, 10″ tires
and for
Vespa 50-125 PV/ ET3/ PK/ XL/ XL2, 10″ tires
costs 59 € each, plus shipping costs, delivery time 1 -3 working days

please note the different models

  • stainless steel version
  • small and handy
  • suitable for jacking up the rear wheel


An assembly stand for both the engine and other work belongs in every well-equipped Vespa workshop. However, this insight does not make the agony of choice any easier. In case of ambiguities or other questions, SIP’s support is always available with advice and assistance.

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