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Smartphone holder for Vespas: The practical solution

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Smartphone holders for Vespas are a practical addition for modern scooter riders who want to make their ride more enjoyable and safe. These mounts offer many benefits and have become an essential accessory for many.

Navigation and operation made easy

With a smartphone mount, scooter riders can conveniently access navigation apps to quickly and easily find the right path. This is especially helpful when in a new city or on a long road trip. The mount allows you to place your smartphone at a comfortable angle on the handlebars, so you can see where you need to go at a glance without taking your eyes off the road.

A smartphone holder can also be used to access up-to-date weather and traffic reports. This is especially useful for being warned of unexpected weather changes or avoiding traffic jams. Many drivers use Bluetooth in-ear headphones on longer trips to make it even easier to listen to announcements and warnings.

Tracking and recording
Some Vespa fans also want to be more specific using apps, such as recording your rides or tracking speed and distance. This can be helpful to analyze rides or check the performance of the Vespa. For this purpose, there is an application in Apple’s AppStore called, which was developed on the part of SIP. Especially racing enthusiasts will have a lot of fun with it. Times for user-defined routes can be tracked and certain values such as acceleration, distance and wind are kept track of.

Mounts for every Vespa and smartphone

There are different types of smartphone mounts for Vespas that can be adapted to different needs. Some are designed specifically for certain Vespa models and offer a custom fit, while others are universal. One can also choose between different mounting methods, including handlebar, mirror or frame versions.

Two models of mounts are presented below:

SP Connect

The SP Connect Mirror Mount makes it a breeze to attach your phone to your Vespa or scooter in seconds.
Simply mount the SP Connect Mirror Mount to the mirror of the Vespa or motorcycle and attach the SP Connect cell phone case in a snap by placing it on the holder rails and then rotating it 90 degrees clockwise to lock it securely in place.

This convenient holder is compatible with all SP Connect phone cases and allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting. For the most part, the cases are suitable for iPhones, but there is also a universal case for all brands. With an extremely stable 360-degree adjustment in 6-degree increments, the perfect viewing angle can be set. The SP Connect Mirror Mount easily fits mirrors with a diameter of 10 to 16 mm or 0.39 to 0.63 inches. This means that the cell phone is always conveniently in view while enjoying the Vespa or motorcycle ride.

The additional anti vibration module is useful to protect the smartphone from shocks that could potentially cause damage to the camera.

Quad Lock

The QUAD LOCK Mirror Mount offers a secure way to attach the smartphone to mirror bars. It is compatible with all Quad Lock Cases and thus the ideal solution for scooter and motorcycle riders who like to have everything in one. Quad Lock also focuses a lot on Apple users for their phone cases, but has a universal adapter for sticking for all other models. The robust design allows a reliable attachment to the mirror rod and the adjustment of the optimal viewing angle. With the smartphone securely attached to the motorcycle or scooter, navigation applications or other apps can be used without any problems.

Also Quad Lock has an additional protective vibration damper, which absorbs larger as well as tiny vibrations and protects the technology in the phone from them.


  • A secure and patented dual-stage locking mount.
  • The compact design makes the mount discreet to look at
  • Suitable for mirror rods with diameters of 10, 12, 14 and 16 mm.
  • Compatible with all Quad Lock Cases


Overall, smartphone mounts for Vespas provide a convenient and secure way to use your smartphone while riding. They help improve riding safety by minimizing distractions and making it easier to keep your eyes on the road. Before choosing a mount, make sure it’s a good fit for your scooter model and personal needs. That way, you can enjoy your scooter experience to the fullest.

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