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New LED indicators for Vespa GTS 2023 models

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The Vespa GTS 2023 models are known for their timeless design and sporty elegance. But sometimes even the best vehicles can benefit from small details to improve their appearance and increase safety at the same time. With this in mind, we present the SIP LED indicators, an ideal solution to emphasize the sporty look of the Vespa and at the same time ensure clear signaling on the road.

Sporty look: an upgrade for your Vespa

The standard indicators with clear housing and glass may be functional, but they do not always contribute to the aesthetic improvement of the Vespa. This is where the SIP LED indicators come into play, which not only offer a sporty look, but also enhance the appearance of your Vespa GTS 2023 with their tinted housing. With their black housing design and the choice of clear or tinted glass, they set stylish accents that can perfectly match the character of your Vespa.

Safety meets style: E-approval and easy installation

Another plus point of the SIP LED indicators is their E-approval, which applies to all Vespa GTS 2023 models. This means you don’t have to worry about legal issues – the Vespa remains legal and safe on the road.

Fitting these indicators is also extremely easy, as the housing surround is already pre-assembled and included in the scope of delivery. This eliminates the hassle of dismantling the standard indicators, as is often the case with other products available on the market.

Conclusion: A stylish upgrade for the Vespa GTS

The SIP LED indicators not only offer a visual improvement over the standard indicators, but also a technical upgrade. With their clear signaling and sporty design, they skilfully showcase the Vespa GTS 2023 and at the same time ensure increased safety on the road. Thanks to the E-approval, you can ride without hesitation and enjoy the stylish accents of your scooter – a perfect upgrade for all Vespa enthusiasts and a good start for all DIY newbies!

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