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Vespa culture worldwide part 2 – America

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With the hum of engines and the charm of culture, Vespisti take to the streets of Los Angeles. The City of Angels reveals not only its glittering facets, but also a passion for the iconic Vespa lifestyle. But California is just the beginning of our journey through the hearts of the three largest cities in the United States. Join us on this journey as we explore the vibrant streets of New York and capture the spirit of the scooter scene in Chicago. Get ready to ride!

In search of Vespa lifestyle and culture in California

We immediately come across the homepage of Vespa Los Angeles by Sherman Oaks. They describe themselves as the flagship of Vespa in the United States and were founded in 2000. If you’re looking for a Vespa scooter – whether new or used, it doesn’t matter – you’re guaranteed to find it here. This company has created a showroom that reflects the unmistakable luxury of the Vespa brand and the coolness of California.

They are lined up like a string of pearls in a relaxed, impressive atmosphere. The comparison with a pearl could not be more apt, because one scooter is more beautiful than the next. Both the latest models and some older gems can be admired.
Vespa Los Angeles is an authorized dealer, which means that only OEM-certified original parts are used for maintenance work. This is important for the factory warranty, which every Vespisti knows.

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A well-known Vespa club in California is the Vespa Club Los Gatos, which was founded back in 1989 and still organizes regular events today. The SIP team has also visited the club and was able to ride with them through the streets and landscapes of California. They have also driven as far as San Francisco and were able to see the legendary sights for themselves. Of course, there are also local partner stores that offer spare parts and accessories for the Vespa.

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Renting a Vespa scooter is hip

Here we have listed some addresses where Vespa scooters can be rented:

  • Scooterdoc Pasadena (in the eastern part of LA)
  • Beverly Hills Motocycles (a little west of the center towards the Pacific)
  • Mobility Scooter Rental (Santa Ana, south of the center of LA)
  • El Diablo Moto Shop (north of Highland Park in the heart of LA)

It is also very worthwhile to let the engine hum outside the cities, especially the wide country roads of America are perfect for relaxed rides with enchanting views.

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The journey continues to the largest city in the USA: New York

For strangers, finding your way through the canyon of streets and buildings in this huge city is quite a challenge. For some Vespisti, rushing from one sight to the next as part of a sightseeing tour is less suitable.
To remain largely independent, we recommend getting Hallwag road maps USA Road Guides. They not only offer tourist highlights, but also distance maps with the most important cities, a removable brochure with city maps and all the travel information that can be useful for Vespisti.

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A visit to Robby Rhodes’ workshop and restoration workshop Scooter Bottega at 65 Union St., Garage 3, Brooklyn, is almost a MUST. Here you will find a concentrated load of Vespa lifestyle and lots of vintage Vespa scooters. Vespa culture at it’s best.

Another highlight of the New York scooter scene can be found on 10th Street in Greenwich Village. It is the store of Grahame Fowler, who owns a remarkable collection of Lambrettas.

In general, scooters are a prominent part of the New York streetscape

Even the NYPD (New York Police Department) cruises through the never-sleeping traffic on scooters. There are Vespas of all ages parked on practically every street corner. Modern Vespas such as the GTV, GTS, S.

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Vespa agencies in some districts such as Queens, Brooklyn and Soho sell and maintain such modern scooters.
Even really old Lambrettas and Vespas enliven the vibrant cityscape of this huge city.

Our representative journey ends in Chicago, Illinois

This third largest city in the USA is home to the Vespa Club of Chicago (and Friends), an independent section of the Vespa Club of America (VCOA). It has more than 2000 members, whose distinctive motto is:
In the world of scooters, there’s Vespa and then there’s everyone else.
That says everything about the attitude of these Vespisti. A Vespa is undoubtedly their favorite way to explore the city.

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Motoworks Chicago dominates the scooter market in Chicago. They don’t just sell and repair, they sing the praises of the Vespa. They love and live this brand, which they represent, and they are really proud of it.
Whether it’s a classic Vespa of the newer type or a vintage model, brand new or used, from 50 cc to 300 cc, there is an offer here for every budget.

Whatever your budget, we can help you find the perfect Vespa scooter for you (Motorworks Chicago advertising slogan)

Last but not least

A much quoted saying by the former racing driver and chairman of the Vespa Club Germany Hans Stuck (1958):
Please never drive too fast and always drive carefully
This from the mouth of the award-winning racing driver, who more than once jumped off the scythe of the Grim Reaper (nickname Hans im Gl├╝ck).

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