An unforgettable Vespa experience in Bangkok 2024

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Join us on an exciting trip to Thailand, where Ralf, the CEO of SIP Scootershop and passionate Vespa rider, experienced a unique Vespa event. In this exciting travelogue, we immerse ourselves in Bangkok’s vibrant Vespa scene, explore the warm hospitality of Thailand’s Vespa enthusiasts and immerse ourselves in the unforgettable moments of the “Viva la Vespa 2024” festival.

Vespa community with great hospitality

During his extended and eventful stay in Thailand, Ralf, a passionate Vespa lover and connoisseur, had the opportunity to visit numerous friends, like-minded Vespa enthusiasts and valuable business partners. Among these remarkable personalities were Lome from Vintage Vespa Thai/Auu Vespa and Kittisak from Lady Bug Scooter.


The warm hospitality he experienced at these meetings was absolutely unparalleled and exceeded all his expectations. He would like to express his sincere thanks for the profound and enriching conversations and the unforgettable rides together on the Vespa.

Viva la Vespa 2024 a complete success

A special highlight and unforgettable experience during his trip was the spectacular “Viva la Vespa 2024” event. This took place from March 9 to 10, 2024 at six different and carefully selected locations throughout Thailand and attracted thousands of young and dynamic people.

Ralf had the privilege of attending the event in the vibrant capital city of Bangkok, which, according to the organizer Vespa Thailand, was attended by over 10,000 proud scooter riders alone. Accompanied by local police on motorcycles, he and around 200 other enthusiastic Vespisti rode through colorful and lively Bangkok to the sprawling festival grounds.


Anyone who appeared on a Vespa was admitted free of charge, as was their passenger. The event offered a varied and exciting program, including a lively dealer mile where Lome represented the SIP Scootershop. The attendees were thrilled and deeply touched that Ralf was there in person and passionately committed to the Vespa scene.

“People are just thrilled that the boss of SIP Scootershop is here looking around and taking an interest in the scene,” explained Lome. “It’s important to them that they can thank (Ralf) personally for this appreciation.”


Vespa joy is a joy shared

Despite the fact that around 90 percent of Vespa riders at the impressive gathering were riding modern and shiny models, there was also an active and extremely knowledgeable scene dedicated entirely to classic and nostalgic Vespas. It is an amazing sight to see how the riders of the GTS, Sprint and Primavera scooters style and customize their two-wheelers with great attention to detail and great effort.


Given this dedication, it came as no surprise that some of the hottest brands in the scooter scene, such as the Indonesian label Soca or the renowned company Öhlins, were represented at the event with their own stands. They took the opportunity to present their latest products and get in touch with the passionate scooter community.

It was impressive to see the professionalism with which Vespa organized the event. In addition to a large dining area, there were also activities for children, who were able to complete a course on a small Vespa. In addition, an Italian-style Vespa town was set up, with an ice cream vendor, pizza maker and a carousel of real Vespas.


There were several professional photo studios where visitors could have their picture taken with Vespa. Several camera teams captured every moment. There were Vespa merchandise sales and all kinds of fun games.

Eight brand new Vespas were raffled off during the course of the day. Two concert stages featured artists such as Bowkylion, F. Hero, Lomosonic and Bright, who are very well known in Thailand, although less so in Europe.


Of course, Vespa was the organizer and it was also about marketing and trade. But while this mix is often viewed skeptically, the visitors from Thailand were happy to have this beautiful stage and fill it with good vibes and an amazingly fresh spirit. The atmosphere was easy and relaxed, with no rival groups or conflicts, but with a lot of peace and love from a very youthful audience.

A unique experience at the Viva la Vespa Festival

Ralf strolled calmly through the festival grounds with his family, surrounded by the vibrant energy and cheerful hustle and bustle of the crowd. Every single person he met greeted him with open arms and a beaming smile. The atmosphere was welcoming and warm, without the usual security measures or strict controls. Perhaps it was this relaxed attitude that made Thailand so special – a place of friendliness, peace and hip trends.


The experience was truly unique for him. The variety of impressions and encounters left him amazed and thought-provoking at the same time. In the midst of discussions about classic or modern Vespas, gears or automatics, sheet metal or plastic, he felt part of a community in which such differences played no role. It was a lively festival that celebrated the diversity and shared passion for Vespas – a true “Viva la Vespa!” in Thailand.


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