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Vespa in different cultures around the world

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In Germany, Vespa enjoys cult status. What about Vespa culture in other countries? All over the world, our Vespa scooter is a recognized, loved and often even revered means of transport. It is considered to be synonymous with scooters par excellence.
All of us Vespisti know that this is the case in Germany. But what about the Vespa culture in other countries?

Let’s take a look across the border to one of our nearest neighbors. To the west of the Rhine, France is just a stone’s throw away.

Vespa culture in France

We reach Strasbourg via the Rhine as a natural border. We don’t need to do much research to come across the first Vespa club:

Vespa Scooter Club de Strasbourg

It has existed since 1985 and is dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of Vespa scooters from the 1950-1960s.
The program includes the restoration of old scooters as well as excursions
and joint excursions with like-minded people. Vespa lifestyle at its best.

Without further ado, we come to the most important Vespa club in France (smaller clubs come and go), which has been based in the heart of Paris since 1952.

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Vespa Club Paris, Île-de-France

The website already gives visitors a warm welcome:
We are a big Vespa family aged between 14 and 99. We are all united by our love of these wonderful Italian two-wheelers
And quoted further:
Everyone is welcome who is ready to embrace the spirit of Vespa

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Both statements suggest, no, they even prove that the French are also enthusiastic Vespa riders. This club is not just an association of scooter riders, but a liaison of enthusiasts, united and literally welded together by passion, Vespa lifestyle and true love for the Vespa scooter. All predicates for a genuine Vespa culture.

Incidentally, the SIP Scootershop is not only represented in Germany. There are official partners all over the world and the Vespa Club Paris is a special friend of the team. The range includes not only spare parts and accessories for the Vespa, but also support for events and excursions.

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With all due respect, the Vespa scooter is also a means of transportation that is bound by road traffic regulations. These are particularly strict in France, which is why we need to go into them briefly here.

Riding a Vespa in France

  • Helmets are absolutely compulsory in accordance with the French standard NF S72-305 or ECE regulation 22.04/05. Violations are severely punished (fines, seizure of the vehicle possible)
  • Reflective stickers/markings on the helmet are mandatory
  • CE-certified motorcycle gloves are mandatory, also for children
  • High visibility vest must be carried
  • Children under the age of 5 may be carried as passengers, but are subject to strict regulations. A special safety restraint system is required. In addition, children’s feet must rest on the footrests to avoid accidentally getting caught in the spokes
  • Important to know: These rules also apply to foreign road users without exceptions!

Special regulations for speed limits are based on the classification of motorcycle classes and are particularly strict. Be sure to inform yourself before setting off.

Vespa in the Asian region

The Vespa cultures in other European countries are quite similar. That’s why we’re taking a look at the extremely interesting island and city state of Singapore. Around 45,000 Germans have settled there permanently. German companies are also based here, numbering 2,100.

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In Singapore, a metropolis with a population of six million, we find large Vespa-related companies: Westbike Singapore in the western half of the island and city state. This company does not sell scooters, but all accessories and all kinds of spare and tuning parts that make the heart of every Vespisti beat faster.

The huge company Motoplex Singapore, Official Distributor of Vespa and Piaggio, is located in the eastern half of the business city. Each brand has its own showroom here. What more could your heart desire? It couldn’t be better organized. So if you’re only interested in Vespa, you’ll find everything here in one central location.

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There is a large Vespa club: Vespa Club Singapore, marketplace for all things Vespa. Anyone who is interested in our diva is welcome.
When Vespa riders are asked what they value most about the Vespa scooter, three characteristics are mainly emphasized:

  • powerful engine
  • highly developed, sophisticated braking system
  • comfortable and convenient seat for long rides
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On the one hand, the ban on chewing gum introduced in 1992 in favor of cleanliness in Singapore is strange for us Europeans; on the other hand, it is progressive to be able to rent a Vespa scooter at favorable conditions. So it’s not particularly difficult to escape the maze of streets, waterways and parks and enjoy a Vespa ride in the sprawling countryside beyond the northern city. And the right equipment for leisure and travel makes the ride all the more enjoyable.

We already have an exciting travel report for an insight into one of the biggest Vespa events in Bangkok from Ralf for you: “An unforgettable Vespa experience in Bangkok 2024

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