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Vespa miniatures, true to the original and lovingly designed

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They don’t smell of fuel, they don’t smoke, they don’t make any noise and they don’t need a parking space. They are simply beautiful to look at. These are Vespa models in small format for the shelf. They can be made of wood, metal, injection molding, ivory or a mixture of various materials. And they are always faithfully reproduced. Some also have collector’s value.
The best thing about them is that they are not only suitable as gifts for others. Where is it written that a Vespisti is not allowed to give himself a present?

Which manufacturers specialize in miniature Vespas

Here is a list of the most important manufacturers of miniature Vespas:

  • Schuco, since 1956
  • Maisto, since the 80s
  • NewRay from Japan, a rising star in the model-making sky, specializing in Vespas in the scooter category

All these Vespa models have one aspect in common: they are designed with great attention to detail, some with moving parts.

Good to know:
Vespa models in 1:87 scale are identical to the famous H0 scale from Märklin and are therefore ideal for being integrated into the landscape of a model railroad.

Handmade Vespas from a true artist

In the world of the Vespa, there is an artist who is known far beyond the borders of the scooter: Rene Michel Vacon from Canada. As an experienced cabinetmaker, he has made it his mission to give even those who cannot afford or do not want a real Vespa at the moment access to a wide variety of models. His handmade miniatures are not just for collectors, but also for lovers of fine craftsmanship.

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Vespa VM 05

Vacon has been devoting himself to this artistic activity in his spare time for 20 years now. He produces each model personally with passion and precision, without the use of CNC milling machines. For him, the only thing that counts is the manual work that gives each piece a special touch.

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Faro Basso 01

A single model can take up to 8 months to make, and Vacon uses a variety of materials: from maple and birch wood to rubber tires, leather, metal, paint and glue. Each element is carefully selected and processed to achieve an authentic and detailed result.

vespa miniaturen4
Vespa 125 Primavera

Given the quality and uniqueness of his work, Vacon’s miniatures are highly sought after. However, prospective buyers have to wait a long time to call one of his works of art their own. But patience is rewarded, as each piece is unique and a tribute to the timeless beauty of the Vespa.

Cheaper Vespa miniatures in the online store

You can get a Vespa model from the SIP Scootershop much faster. We have put together a small selection of the most important manufacturers.

  • NewRay, model Vespa 150 GS (1955), metal, silver, scale 1:32, delivery time approx. 1-3 days, currently costs 10.40€
  • Forme (Italy), Vespa 150 VL T 1, with sidecar, metal, ivory, scale 1:6, delivery time 1-3 days, currently costs 79€
  • New Ray, Vespa 125 (1948), metal, green, scale 1:32, delivery time 1-3 days, costs at present 10,40€
  • NewRay, Vespa 125 (1952) 6 Giorni, metal injection molding, bronze, scale 1:32, delivery time 1-3 working days, currently costs 10.40€

Note: These small models in 1-32 scale are packed in Vespa boxes and screwed onto a plastic base. A must-have for lovers and collectors of classic tin Vespas

Vespa models have no wear and tear, incur no costs and do not need to be taken to the workshop or MOT. Discover your passion for collecting and get your Vespa model from the SIP Scootershop!

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