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New mounting option for the SIP Classic bag for Vespas

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SIP Scootershop proudly presents its latest innovation: an advanced mounting system for its popular range of Classic bags, which are suitable not only for Vespas but also for other scooters. This new quick-release retrofit option promises effortless and secure attachment of the bag to the luggage rack, making it the ideal companion for everyday use or on extended Vespa tours.

Simple mounting, effortless handling

With the innovative fastening system from SIP Scootershop, mounting the spacious 35-liter SIP Classic bag is child’s play. The quick-release system makes it possible to attach the bag to a luggage rack in no time at all and to detach it again just as quickly. This makes it the perfect choice for spontaneous trips or daily rides.

Safety and stability

The mounting system consists of a base plate, which is firmly fixed to the bottom of the bag, and a carrier plate, which is mounted on the luggage rack of the Vespa.

This intelligent design provides a solid base for a stable connection between the bag and the scooter. The highlight of this system is the quick-release mechanism, which allows the bag to be securely fastened to the carrier plate.

In addition, the bag is equipped with an integrated lock to protect it from unauthorized access.

Compatibility and additional options

The system can be retrofitted to all SIP Classic bags with a volume of 35 liters and offers a versatile solution for various scooter models. However, please note the distance between the two fastening loops at the bottom of the bag (30 cm) to ensure an optimum fit. If necessary, the mounting plate can be ordered separately.


The new mounting system for the SIP Classic bag is an indispensable addition for all Vespa enthusiasts. With its effortless handling, solid construction and elegant design, it sets new standards in terms of comfort and functionality. Don’t forget to add an additional luggage compartment for more storage space and a matching luggage rack for Vespa models. Now make your Vespa tours even more enjoyable and stylish with the new mounting option from SIP Scootershop.

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