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Petition for maximum permitted speed handed over to politician

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A few months ago SIP asked on openpetition for support for the petition “Permitted maximum speed for mopeds up to 50cc / 4 KW from 45 to 60km/h”. Now the request has finally been handed over to the politician Volker Ullrich!

What is the request to the politicians?

The team of SIP has submitted a petition to the German Bundestag at Open Petition. The German Bundestag should decide to raise the maximum permissible speed for mopeds with up to 50 cc engine capacity or, in the case of e-scooters, up to a maximum continuous rated power of 4 KW (6 hp), which may be driven with the class AM driver’s license integrated in the class B driver’s license, from 45 km/h to 60 km/h.

In the former GDR, mopeds were already allowed to drive at 60 km/h (Schwalbe), and East German makes are still allowed to do so today by special permit. At the same time, the regulation that such vehicles may be driven without a license with a simple insurance license plate should be retained.
This should strengthen the attractiveness of the moped and lead to an increased switch from cars to mopeds for commuters and young adults.

Why is the change in the law needed?

The 45 km/h speed limit is an unsatisfactory legal situation. The purpose of the regulation is to protect young drivers in particular from the dangers of road traffic that cannot yet be mastered due to a lack of experience, and at the same time to provide them with an opportunity for improved mobility at a reasonable price.

The same applies to the lack of experience of older drivers who only have a class B driving license, but no experience or special training in driving two-wheeled vehicles. These are legitimate legislative purposes and a suitable means in principle. However, limiting the maximum speed to 60 km/h would be a milder means that would be even better suited to achieving this goal.

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The main area of application for mopeds, which fall into the AM category, is urban traffic. They are also used by young people in rural areas to increase their independent mobility. The maximum permitted speed within built-up areas is 50 km/h. Vehicles that stay below this speed are not allowed to drive.

Vehicles that stay below this speed are therefore regularly perceived as an obstruction by other road users and overtaken as quickly as possible.

This applies in particular to time-bound road users such as bus drivers and truck drivers. However, when overtaking, such large vehicles pose a considerable risk to small motorcycles, which are comparable to bicycles in this respect.

These potential hazards are considerably greater than those arising from a moderate increase in the maximum permitted speed. This also applies to use on smaller country roads and farm tracks, primarily by young rural people. In urban traffic, the change enables a safe and inconspicuous “swim along” and in rural areas, the increased speed could help to motivate other road users to wait until suitable overtaking situations arise. This reduces the typical danger of being cut off and, on the other hand, makes it possible to overtake agricultural vehicles restricted to 25 or 35 km/h in an appropriately speedy and safe manner.

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At the same time, the restriction to a maximum of 60 km/h would ensure that only drivers who have undergone special motorcycle training would have access to freeways. The sense and purpose of driving license class A1 would thus be preserved.

§ 18 StVO Motorways Motorways (1) Motorways (sign 330.1) and freeways (sign 331.1) may only be used by motor vehicles whose maximum speed, determined by their design, is more than 60 km/h.

Strong support from the community

Particularly in times of impending driving bans in inner cities and increasing parking space shortages, the switch to more environmentally friendly and space-saving two-wheelers should be made more attractive. The electric version of the mopeds (up to 4KW) is also explicitly considered.

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CEO Ralf Jodl hands the petition to Volker Ullrich

In just a few weeks, more than 52,000 signatures were collected for the proposal, which is incredible! The petition have received enormous support and encouragement from two-wheeler associations, manufacturers, but also many riders. For this the SIP team would like to thank all supporters, great!

Today the symbolic handover of the signatures to Dr. Volker Ullrich, MdB, took place. The SIP team thanks Mr. Ullrich for the nice reception in Augsburg, the support and the sympathy for our demand! The signatures themselves will now be transmitted by openPetition to the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag, which will deal with them.

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