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New Vespa GTV 2023

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The Vespa GTV model made its debut back in 2006. Now, in 2023, the technology has been modernized, but the model still stands for the classic style of the Vespa family.

All in the name of sportsmanship

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The eye is immediately drawn to the characteristic round headlight, known as the Faro Basso in Italian, which sits enthroned on the front mudguard. However, the entire lighting system is now equipped with LED technology, while the look remains unmistakably the same. The cladding of the free-standing tubular steel handlebar now comes in vehicle color, which further emphasizes the fine, color-contrasting air vents above the round headlight.

Those who love a fresh, cheerful color can optionally obtain the handlebar trim in cheeky bright orange as an accessory.

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Unmistakable – as one of the Vespa unique selling points – is the typical tie – which stands out in the middle of the leg shield. A Vespa is also easily recognizable from the seat bench. This bench of the GTV is not only a sports bench, but offers comfortable space for 2 people. It is two-tone, with embossing and topstitching. A cover in vehicle color can be purchased as an accessory. This cover not only protects the rear of the seat from dirt, rain and moisture, but also gives an exclusive image.

Color selection of the new GTV 2023:

  • Beige Avvolgente Opaco
  • Black Convinto, with orange graphics
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Numerous details, such as:

  • Edge protection of the leg shield
  • Base plate of the rear light unit
  • Pillion grab handle as well as pillion detents
  • Muffler cover
  • Rear view mirror

stand out with matte black accents.

Keyless system

The classic ignition lock has been replaced by a rotary knob in the leg shield above the glove compartment. By means of a short push and a turn to ON, the engine can be started. The start button is easily accessible on the right handle.

As standard equipment, there is a USB port in the glove compartment.

The USB charging socket is suitable for connecting the scooter and smartphone or any other peripheral device.

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Standard traction control ASR

In addition to the basic equipment with the 2-channel ABS, the new GTV has received a traction control ASR, and that as standard. This traction control system ensures that the wheels of the Vespa do not spin when accelerating. A very useful tool, especially for Vespisti who are often in the city center on cobblestones. So if the rear wheel threatens to spin, the ASR electronics reduce the torque until the tire grips again.

To prevent this from happening at a cavalier start, the tool only works at speeds of 5 km/h and above.

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Technical data of the Vespa GTV 2023

  • Displacement: 278 cm³
  • Power: 24 HP (18 kW) at 8,250 rpm
  • Torque: 26 Nm at 5,250 rpm
  • Cylinders, valves, cooling: 4 valves per cylinder, four-stroke HPE (High Performance Engine), liquid-cooled
  • Exhaust gas cleaning/standard: Euro 5
  • Consumption per 100 km: 3.2 L
  • Clutch: Centrifugal dry clutch
  • Suspension front: Trailed single-sided short swingarm
  • Rear suspension elements: Drive-set swingarm, two hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Tires front: 120/70 – 12
  • Rear tires: 130/70 – 12
  • Brake both front and rear: 220 mm each – hydraulic steel brake disc
  • Fuel tank capacity: 8.5 liters

At the moment the Vespa GTV 2023 is available for immediate delivery. Selling price from € 7499,–.

For all tinkerers there are in the SIP Scootershop suitable spare parts for the GTV and all tuning friends can do in the category tuning their Vespa something good.

This scooter is once again a successful reissue of a legendary Vespa, this time the GTV 2006, designed by the Vespa engineers from Pontedera in the Italian province of Tuscany. They have once again succeeded in leaving the characteristic features of a Vespa scooter largely untouched, despite technical innovations.

General Information

How much does the Vespa GTV cost?

On the official Vespa site, the new edition of the Vespa GTV 300 is currently available for 7,499 EUR. This timeless beauty is available in an appealing beige tone as well as a classy black, which makes it ideal to suit different tastes and styles. The combination of its classic design and modern technology makes it a sought-after model for style-conscious riders around the world.

Which engine is installed in the GTV?

The Vespa GTV is a real performer in the world of scooters. Its 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, hpe engine with a displacement of 278 cc and a power output of 23.8 hp not only ensures impressive acceleration, but also a pleasant ride on various road conditions.

Is it allowed to tune the Vespa GTV?

Generally yes, but the relevant legal basis for tuning in Germany is the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). More specifically, §22a of the StVZO states that certain equipment on the vehicle may only be used in an officially approved design. In the case of unauthorized tuning, the operating license of the Vespa expires immediately. This entails high fines in all cases.

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