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Vespa style rosé wine – Shocking Rosa

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Vespa, Italy, good food. What can’t be missing, of course? A nice glass of rosé wine to relax in the evening. For this, the team from SIP Scootershop has now produced a suitable bottle called “Shocking Rosa”, with a cute Vespa design that fits any occasion.

The new Rosato (Rosé) “Shocking Rosa” from SIP reveals itself as a wine with an enchanting color nuance from delicate pink to bright ruby red. Its fragrance is delicate and pleasant, seducing with a touch of freshness. On the palate, it delights with fresh nuances of violets, cherries and fresh berries. A truly refreshing pleasure that makes the Vespa heart beat faster. The beautiful Vespa label is particularly attractive. The bottle also makes a perfect gift!

High quality with good character

Country of origin South Tyrol (Alto Adige): Rosé wines from South Tyrol can offer a wide range of flavors and styles, from fruity and refreshing to complex and full-bodied.

South Tyrol, also known as Alto Adige, is Italy’s northernmost wine-growing region and is considered one of the most challenging. The steep slopes and cool climate are demanding on winemakers, but the region also has unique advantages. The small vineyards allow for careful manual labor and high quality. In the past, South Tyrol was often considered only a transit route, but today it is appreciated as a unique region for skiing, hiking, Vespa rides, food and excellent wines. The wines from this region are world famous and have a special character.

  • Taste: Dry
  • Acidity / L (gr.): 5.7 g/L
  • Drinking temperature °C: 11
  • Content: 0,75 L
  • Quality level: Vino Generico
  • Alcohol content (Vol.%): 12,0

Dinner with Vespa Rosé – suitable dishes

Enjoying a fruity rosé wine like “Shocking Rosa” can be a real treat, especially when paired with the right dishes. Rosé wines with fruity notes are perfect for warm days and relaxed outdoor meals. Here are some delicious dish ideas that go great with such a wine:

  1. Fresh salads:
    Summer salads can be flourished with the fruity flavors of rosé wine. Consider salads with strawberries, peaches or watermelon, which can be refreshingly complemented by the wine. A light green salad with a fruity vinaigrette dressing can also be a good choice.
  2. Seafood:
    A perfect pairing is “shocking pink” and seafood. Whether it’s grilled shrimp, mussels, oysters or grilled fish, the fruity notes of the wine are perfectly complemented by the delicate texture and flavor of the seafood. A seafood pasta with a tomato or lemon sauce can be considered an excellent option.
  3. Poultry:
    Likewise, the drink can go well with poultry dishes. A grilled chicken, chicken salad or even a turkey sandwich can be enhanced by the fruity flavors of the wine.
  4. Mediterranean delicacies:
    Mediterranean delicacies and rosé are an excellent combination. Consider Caprese salad, hummus, olives, grilled vegetables and light cheeses such as feta or goat cheese.
  5. Asian flavors:
    Surprisingly, rosé wine can also pair well with Asian dishes. Sushi, sashimi, Thai curries or Vietnamese spring rolls – all these delicacies can go wonderfully with fruity rosé.
  6. Picnic pleasure:
    If an outdoor picnic is planned, sandwiches, wraps, cream cheese with crackers or an antipasti platter can be packed and enjoyed from these treats with a chilled glass.
  7. Pizza night:
    When in the mood for pizza, a fruity rosé can also be a great accompaniment. A margherita pizza or a pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil can be very appropriate.
  8. Desserts:
    Yes, even desserts can be paired with rosé. Light options like fresh berry compote, sorbet or lemon tartelette can go great with a sip of “Shocking Rosa”.

But always remember to serve rosé wine slightly chilled to accentuate its freshness and fruitiness. Taste is subjective, so experimentation is worthwhile to find your personal pairing favorite. A berry glass of “Shocking Rosa” can turn many a meal into a real treat and make the evening just that little bit more enjoyable.

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