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Affordable spare parts & tools for Vespa

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Even for experienced and skilled Vespa hobbyists, the selection of reliable spare parts and tools for DIY repairs is crucial. Not only quality and reliability play a role, but also prices. When we talk about affordability, we don’t necessarily mean cheap goods, but rather inexpensive products that justify their price in terms of performance and quality.

Before we start searching for such products in the endless expanses of the Internet, only to end up just as perplexed as before, we have a proven recommendation for you: This specialty store offers not only reliable quality products, but also private brands that have been specially developed for the scooter store.

Spare parts like the original and better

In the SIP Scootershop spare parts catalog you will find a wide selection of original spare parts and strong brand label products, including the most common wear parts and accessories such as brakes and their components, clutches, tires and rims, shock absorbers and struts, speedometers and tachometers, carburettors and their parts, and converters and related parts.

Orders can be conveniently placed online and will be shipped or organized as soon as possible if a product is not immediately available. The SIP-Scootershop website offers experienced connoisseurs and newcomers alike a clear platform where everything from horns to tail lights can be found.


Everyone knows what brakes are for. But not everyone is aware that the front brake, although it offers better braking performance (because it is not affected by the drive), should still be operated with care and feeling. Why? Because no one wants to be thrown over the handlebars due to centrifugal forces. As in life, the same applies here: A balanced mix is best. First use the rear brake and then supportively use the front brake.

In an emergency, however, the correct braking response can hardly be controlled. Here, the most important thing is to brake at all. Most of the time, we instinctively act correctly by applying both brakes at the same time.


Choosing tires is not always easy because of the wide range of options. The ideal is to use the exact data from the Vespa manual of your scooter. For additional advice and support, you can contact the Scootershop in Landsberg am Lech. The competent staff is available on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. They can be reached by phone daily, except Sundays and Wednesdays, at 08191 9699960.

Shock absorbers and struts

Shock absorbers and struts play an important role in absorbing shocks and help ensure that the wheels of our two-wheeler are in constant contact with the road. As a rule, the shock strut and shock absorber form a single unit. Suspension struts have a supporting function in the wheel suspension and ensure that the tires of our two-wheeler stay on track.

Speedometer and tachometer

The speedometer generates a voltage that depends on the speed of the shaft. The speedometer shaft transmits the rotational movements of the wheels to the speedometer. Alternatively, this measurement can also be made electronically via a sensor.


The carburettor plays a crucial role as it produces the gasoline-air mixture that the engine burns. This makes it a central component of the scooter or motorcycle. A sticker on the carburettor usually tells you whether it is a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. While a two-stroke burns a mixture of fuel and oil (housed in the same tank), a four-stroke has separate tanks. This can often be identified by a yellow oil tank cap on the four-stroke.

Driven Pulley

The torque converter, actually known as a torque converter, is an important part of the transmission ratio and is directly connected to the clutch. The torque converter is connected to the variator via a V-belt and provides the transmission of power to the wheels.


Choosing high-quality parts and accessories is crucial to getting the power of a tuned engine on the road. Remember to also purchase appropriate tools if you don’t already have them. Tools will be needed again and again, making them a sustainable investment.

A great advantage of the SIP Scootershop is the flagship store in Landsberg am Lech, where visitors and interested parties can see and test all the merchandise live within the specified opening hours. You can examine the goods personally, buy and take them home.

In this sense, we wish you all the time good trip!

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