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So it sparks: Correctly setting up the ignition system

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Many roads lead to Rome, as the saying goes. So there are also several methods to set the ignition correctly.
We have opted for the most precise and at the same time simplest way.
In plain language this means:

  • we don’t make a piston stopper out of an old spark plug
  • we do not cut the degree wheel ourselves
  • we do not bend a pointer out of florist’s wire
  • we buy the necessary tools from a specialized dealer (, which are sustainable because we can use them again and again

We can highly recommend the SIP PERFORMANCE ignition, because it is very easy to adjust without flashing, besides many other advantages. So even for tinkering beginners this project is feasible.

What is the effect of a correctly adjusted ignition?

  • Engine runs optimally, thus lives longer
  • produces lower emissions
  • does not overheat, does not lose power

Now we roll up our sleeves

In case of any uncertainties, it is always helpful to consult specialists, but for those who know the ropes, here is a helpful checklist:

What do we need to get started?

The following steps are the simplest description for the correct setting of the ignition. In the video linked below, these are also explained again visually.

  • Insert the piston stopper into the spark plug thread.
  • turn clockwise until the piston hits the stopper
  • reset the degree wheel to zero degrees
  • turn in the opposite direction until the piston hits the stopper (the value should be more or less 300 degrees)
  • Add this value to the TDC (top dead center) calculation Top dead center (TDC) = ((360-x)/2) + x
  • Remove the stopper and rotate the disc to the calculated top dead center (TDC) value
  • Add the desired ignition point. Normally 17 – 19° Desired ignition point e.g. 19° = Top Dead Center (TDC) value + 19
  • Rotate pole wheel with degree wheel until desired ignition timing value is reached.
  • Turn the ignition base plate until the marking corresponds to the marking of the pole wheel.
  • Tighten the ignition base plate. Done.

With the SIP Performance ignition, due to the exact correspondence of the marking on the pole wheel (rotor) and ignition base plate (stator), flashing is no longer necessary. With original ignitions, we recommend the flashing of the ignition for safety.

We wish you much success!

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