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Model presentation: Vespa Rally 200 with a twist

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The designers from Pontedera are always good for a surprise. This was also the case in 1972, when the previous Rally 180 was replaced by the Rally Electronic 200, VSE1T. This model was not just a scooter, but a way of life, rock ‘n’ roll on two wheels, so to speak. As a further development of the 180 Rally, this scooter was the basis for future models with electronic ignition.
The Vespa model also set the bar pretty high for subsequent scooters, as the engine produced up to 12 hp. In order to accommodate a cylinder with a larger displacement, the engine housing was redesigned accordingly.

Immediately catching the eye

This Electronic Rally 200 model immediately caught the eye with its white rally stripes on the side hoods and front mudguard. On white models, the stripes were silver and also an eye-catcher.
The electronic ignition was a significant improvement. It largely eliminated the frequent wear of contacts and capacitors in the outdated, previous ignition systems. This saved trouble and money.

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Here the most important technical data

  • Displacement: 197.97 ccm
  • Power: 9.08 kW, 12.35 hp at 5700 rpm
  • Top speed: 104 km/h
  • Range: approx. 280 km with a fuel consumption of approx. 4 L/100 km
  • Tank capacity: 8.2 L, of which 1.8 L as a reserve
  • Transmission type: Manual transmission, 4 gears
  • Front wheel guidance: Single-sided short swingarm
  • Rear wheel guidance: Drive-set swingarm
  • Brake system: Drum brake with cooling fins, each actuated by mechanical cables
  • Kick starter, electronic ignition, multi-disc clutch in oil bath on the crankshaft

The Vespa 200 Rally Street Custom by SIP offers a fast riding experience

The sound, which took some getting used to, and a comfortable ride encouraged the managing director Alex from SIP Scootershop in Landsberg/Lech to convert a 200 Rally into a 200 Rally Street Custom.
Initially in silver with powder-coated black add-on parts, it rode quite comfortably at first.
The new goal was to build a powerful, durable scooter. No sooner said than done.

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The bike was fitted with a Polini 210 cylinder, a long-stroke crankshaft, a racing exhaust and a clutch from the SIP accessories range. Finally, an SI 24 Dell’Orto carburetor and Vespatronic ignition were installed. Finally, only the gearbox was original from the Vespa 200 Rally.

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Before repainting, the warped frame was precisely aligned. Then the primer was applied and finally the paint could be applied. Max Meyer code 1.298.2935, Giallo Texas matt.
After fitting the SIP Performance shock absorbers 2.0, the 200 Rally Custom Street was smooth and safe on the road.

To make the moped roadworthy, it was still missing the lighting. Of course, parts from SIP were installed here too:
The new headlight with SIP LED was used, while the indicators came from Gadget. To ensure that these accessories fitted perfectly and almost invisibly, a cable harness from SIP was specially designed and installed.

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The speedometer control unit and all electronic parts were located next to the battery under the spare wheel.
At the very end of the conversion work, the Vespatronic ignition was replaced with a SIP Performance ignition. For anyone interested, you can read the full article with all the data and details here: “Vespa Rally 200 Street Custom by SIP Scootershop

The conversion of the Vespa model has now been completed. At least until the next opening of the engine. The development of accessories and spare parts never stops, so it will be interesting to see what else will be replaced and renewed in the future.

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