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Now it’s even easier to give the gift of joy – digital SIP vouchers

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Gifts can be big or small, but in the end it’s always the laughter and joy of the person receiving the gift that counts. But our loved ones may not exactly be around the corner and when things get stressful, the postal service can be disappointingly slow. But SIP now has the perfect solution for all Vespa fans and friends!

Digital vouchers at SIP for a quick treat

In addition to the physical voucher cards, the SIP Scootershop now also offers the option of fast digital delivery of the desired amount to our beloved Vespisti. An amount between €1 and €1000 can be given as a gift, which can be set individually. The digital voucher is also aesthetically pleasing, with 5 different motifs on the theme of Vespa, it motivates you to upgrade for the next ride in the coming season.

For a personal touch, a personal message can be added to send warm wishes to the lucky person. All you need for the “delivery” is the recipient’s e-mail address and the gift is on its way. This way no Christmas present arrives too late!

At the moment, the online voucher is only available in euros, so it is important to note who the amount should ultimately go to. Payment is made directly, so there is no need to waste the shopping cart you have collected over a long period of time just to make someone else happy. Of course, no delivery address is asked for at check-out, as this is replaced with the e-mail address via the online process.

For all old-school gift-givers, there are still the phsyical gift cards that find their destination of joy via the postal service. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to give your loved ones a big smile and anticipation for the 2024 season!

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