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Vespa Mirrors – various possibilities

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For many enthusiasts, the Vespa is an endless playground for tinkering and crafting. All owners have the opportunity to personalize their beloved scooter in this way. A popular means of adding personal uniqueness to the scooter is the choice of rear-view mirrors. But which things have to be taken into account and, above all, which legal requirements have to be met in order to shine here not only on the outside?

What are the legal requirements for the choice of mirrors?

If the question of the legal conditions for the mirror design of the Vespa is in the room, it must first be clarified when the initial registration was. If this was before 01.01.1990, then one mirror is specified, which must be mounted on the left side. For later registrations, the number of mirrors depends on the maximum permitted speed. If this is a maximum of 100 Km/h, then one mirror on the left side is sufficient. However, if the maximum permissible speed is above 100 Km/h, two mirrors must be fitted. With regard to the size of the mirrors, it should be noted that the mirrors must have a minimum surface area of 69 square centimeters. Which mirrors are available for selection?

Mirror mounting on the steering head cover

The mirrors that are attached to the Vespa already differ in their mounting position on the steering wheel. The classic Vespa mirror is screwed by means of an M8 screw thread in the pilot hole of the steering head cover. The original mirrors have very long levers, which leads to the fact that they stand very far out. This optical appearance found not only supporters. There are now a number of models that are also classically mounted in the steering head cover, but have shorter levers and thus do not increase the vehicle width. Such a, so-called Shorty, is particularly interesting for the drivers, to whom the classic appearance of the Vespa is important, but who nevertheless do not want to have the original mirrors on the vehicle. In any case, when buying it should be ensured that the mirrors do not fall below the legally prescribed size. The mirrors are available from different suppliers and the costs also vary.

Mirror mounting on the handlebar end

The alternative to the factory-provided mirrors in the steering head cover is an attachment of the mirrors to the end of the handlebar. This mirror position can be chosen as an expression of the rider’s personal taste. From a practical point of view, there is in any case nothing to be said against this choice. Normally, the width of the handlebars is not significantly increased by this position and in city traffic they do not become a problem. Here it is still possible to choose whether the mirrors should be aligned upwards or downwards. Before a decision is made here, it should be taken into account that the view to the rear is usually somewhat better when the mirrors are positioned at the bottom. Since this mirror position is not provided by the manufacturer, a mounting kit is usually still needed here, which causes additional costs. When deciding on this mirror position, it is also recommended to close the original mirror holes. Special cover plates can be used for this purpose.


In summary, the mirror position and also the choice between the individual models can be left to the taste of the driver. As long as the legal requirements are met, personal preferences can be expressed more visibly here. The SIP Shop has a great variety for mirrors that could fit your Vespa.

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