Beading Vespa

Beading for the Vespa

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Do you ride a scooter? No, a VESPA!

This short dialogue leaves no doubt that Vespa riders are proud owners of their two-wheelers. They not only attach importance to safety in road traffic, but also to the appearance of their moped. 
The fact that a Vespa is a visual highlight probably unites the entire Vespa community. In the 60s, numerous vacationers went to Italy, where they made acquaintance with Vespa drivers on the streets. Especially the models of that time had their incomparable charm and it is impossible to imagine Italian roads without them.

But what do the slotted tubes have to do with it now?
A Vespa that comes along without the leg shields framing edge protection is somehow incomplete. It actually takes a while until it is recognized what is missing. 

Insulating tape instead of edge protector?

Quite a few hobbyists go to the trouble of replacing the edge protector by gluing an insulating tape. This costs a little less money, but more nerves. The time required for the fiddling can take up to 3-4 hours. Seen from a distance, it is not immediately noticeable, but whether it can withstand the effects of wind, rain and weather permanently and without damage is highly doubted.

Tinkering allowed, but possibly counterproductive

However, if you want to tinker with your Vespa just for the fun of it, you can also use the cost-saving insulating tape.
Here are a few valuable tips for the installation of insulating tape (also partially applicable for the installation of edge protectors):

  • single-handedly handling insulating tape is hardly manageable, at least work in pairs
  • Remove the handlebar and the upper steering head bearing, otherwise they will get in the way.
  • use the widest possible insulating tape, it must be pressed into the fold instead of the tube, which reduces its width

Mounting of a beading

This work is no less tedious and requires, as it were, the highest precision. Furthermore, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Nevertheless, we recommend always using original parts. They not only ensure safety, but are also a better fit. This is particularly important for this type of work.

Preliminary work is elementary recommended: Heating the edge protector allows it to be better preformed by fitting it to the curves of the leg shields (easier work).

  • first start flanging under light pressure
  • work evenly and carefully
  • flanging pliers should be of high quality. A cheap one is less suitable. Who does not want to invest money for it, should borrow one

For example, ask the authorized dealer around the corner, or the seller of the scooter. Alternatively, please contact the Scootershop of our confidence: S.I.P. Scootershop in Landsberg, Tel. +49 (0)8191 96999-60.
Always remember: no one knows spare parts and accessories better than authorized Piaggio Group service and authorized dealers. Selecting the right edge protectors for the right models is a science in itself. Only those who work with them frequently can be familiar enough to know how to use them.

For already experienced hobbyists we can recommend the Scootershop Online Store, with a large selection of beadings for Vespas.

Accident-free assembly of edge protection

To ensure that this is indeed the case, our tips should be followed as good as possible.

  • Be careful when heating with a hairdryer (the material can quickly overheat and become unusable). It is better to warm up the edge protector in hot water in the bathtub for a few minutes
  • ideally, slightly widen the slot of the tube with a square object (brush handle or similar), so that it slides over the edge more easily
  • we cannot recommend using Vaseline as a lubricant (risk of scratches due to tools slipping off)
  • mask the paint (inside and outside) well, using inexpensive masking tape; also mask the side ends
  • make sure that the edge protection is evenly long at the ends
  • secure the strips at the top and bottom of the leg shield to the frame with a tensioning strap each (tie like a parcel). to protect the varnish, please put rags under it
  • before final flanging, first apply slight pressure, then apply increasing force to move the edge protector into the fold
  • Ideally, start flanging at the straight upper part of the leg shield, then work down on the right and left side
  • First press only lightly into position, then rework and finally roll tightly

Beadings with a double bar are nice, but…

…quite dangerous to mount.
The installation of double slotted tubes should be left to a professional or hobbyist with extensive experience. The two-piece beadings are extremely rigid and stiff. It’s bordering on a miracle if the paint isn’t damaged. They are also susceptible to rust. 
Sheet metal screws are needed for adjustment. It hurts in the soul to have to drill into the sheet metal of the beloved. Of course, this decision is left to each Vespisti individually.

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