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Tools for the Vespa – from basic equipment to special tools

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For optimal maintenance and good care of a Vespa, special tools should always be available in addition to proper basic equipment. The usual tools are not enough if, for example, a Vespa tuning is due, the engine draws in the wrong air or the ball bearing “sings”.

This belongs in every Vespa driver’s basic tool kit:

  • Hot air blower, small,
  • soft-face hammer, recoilless,
  • hammer heads, replaceable,
  • pin punch,
  • screwdriver set SL + PH,
  • socket spanner set,
  • open-end spanner.

These are special tools – as a suitable supplement to the basic equipment:

  • Circlip pliers,
  • rope adjusting pliers,
  • combination pliers, wire rope pliers,
  • wire rope pliers,
  • fuel tap spanner.

Which tool is needed for which work on the Vespa?

The small hot air gun is needed for changing the ball bearing. When heated, the bearing seat can expand and the ball bearing can be inserted better. The material does not warp, as would comparatively be the case with a gas burner. In addition, the recoilless soft-face hammer is used when it comes to the drive shaft. This allows the material to be driven out gently. While the replaceable impact heads made of special plastic wear out during impact, the edges of the drive shaft are protected in the best possible way. Due to the high weight, dry blows are possible. A pin punch set drives out the centring pin on the motor housing. This also applies to the locking pins located on the wheel nuts and the locking pins on the gearshift forks of the Vespa models V50 + PK. The so-called retaining pliers mount or dismount the retaining rings on the engine at the pole wheel on the Vespa50, for example. And the wire pliers shorten the cables to the desired length without splitting. Adjustment is then done in no time at all with the cable adjustment rod. These pliers are often referred to as the “third hand” when adjusting wire rope hoists.

Other special tools and their services for Vespa riders

The pole wheel puller is also a useful special tool. It protects the pole wheel from damage that can occur quickly. This happens when disassembly is not carried out properly – for example, chipping, right at the rim, can then be caused by a 3-arm puller. Pole wheel retaining tools, on the other hand, protect the sensitive pole wheels. Clutch pullers are available for the Vespa Smallframe V50/PK – these can be used to gently pull out the clutch basket as a whole. For the Largeframe Vespa PX, a special spanner is required for the castle nut. The clutch retaining tool is specially made for these models. If the clutch linings are to be replaced, the clutch basket must be compressed. The clutch compressor is suitable for this. This relieves the clutch spring and makes it easy to change the linings. When it comes to the piston rings, the piston ring pliers help to widen them evenly. It should also be mentioned that the piston rings have the property of breaking easily. If you want to make your own marks when adjusting the ignition, you need a piston stopper. The exact ignition timing can be checked with an adjustment pistol. Don’t forget the petrol tap spanner. A hexagonal spanner with a 90-degree angle is needed to assemble or disassemble the fuel tap.

Special tools for Vespa Smallframe/Largeframe engine:

  • Pole wheel/clutch puller,
  • Pole wheel holding tool,
  • clutch compressor/remover,
  • headset,
  • castle nut spanner.

One more note on the common steering bearing spanner. For the Vespa steering head PK XL2 and the steering head of the Cosa-Vespa, the headset is recessed in the handlebar and the castle nut cannot be reached with the normal headset key. A so-called socket, a special tool that can be plugged in, can do the job in this case. Such a socket and other really good special tools as well as everything for the basic equipment for Vespa riders are available in the SIP Scootershop tool range. Simply select the vehicle type/manufacturer/model or enter it in the search bar and off you go.

Don’t save money at the wrong end

When repair work is needed, especially on older Vespas, various special tools usually have to be used. However, a distinction can be made between the special tools that are indispensable and those that should be provided by a workshop. Experienced mechanics would do well to supplement their basic equipment of tools accordingly, in order to do justice to the best possible Vespa maintenance. For some jobs, there are always several ways to reach the goal without damage. For example, removing the crankshaft on a V50 with a special extractor. Equally, the crankshaft can also be removed with caution, using a hammer and centre punch. However, with the rather unprofessional methods there is a risk that something will quickly break. Particular care and consideration must be taken here. There is no way to get by without special tools, for example, if you want to dismantle the pole wheel on a Vespa PX without a puller. Saving money at the wrong end can be very expensive in the end.
Ergo: Some special tools should simply be part of the basic equipment. In addition, the standard special tools are also really affordable.

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