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Vespa Primavera attachment parts

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How does a horse differ from a Vespa
Such a stupid question. After all, everyone knows that a horse has no wheels, a Vespa no legs. But they both have one thing in common: they move.
Where a rider finds all the happiness in the world on the back of his horse, the happiness for the Vespisti community is the seat of their two-wheeled vehicle called Vespa.

However, we Vespisti are only really happy when there is something to screw to the scooter. This by no means means only defective spare parts, but accessories that can be additionally attached. If they have a use, then it’s good. If not, they only need to look cool and visually enhance the two-wheeler. Both variants have their justification for existence.

All attachments listed below fit the Vespa Primavera. They are characterized by high quality workmanship and exact fit.

Useful attachments

They are useful when they have a safety-related function.

  • Crash bar
  • Seat grab rail
  • Rear lowering device
  • Luggage rack in front / back / step through
  • Turn signal grille
  • Alarm system

Crash Bar

Crash bars are available for leg shield, fender and side hood. They protect the vehicle from paint damage in the event of a crash. The solid bolting also guarantees protection for the paint in the event of major falls. A selection of crash bars can be found here: SIP Scoothershop Crash bars
Important to know
The crash bars for the side hood can only be firmly screwed together with an original Vespa/Piaggio luggage rack or the luggage bridge.
Cascade inserts and lamp rings made of chrome contribute to the optical rounding.C

Seat grab rail

Not only important for the pillion to hold on to, but also as a jacking aid (we remember: left hand on the handlebar grip, foot firmly on the floor plate of the stand, right hand on a supporting part/handhold). A selection can be found here: SIP Scootershop Seat grab rail

Lowering the rear

It would be wrong to think only of tuning. Lowering by 2 cm allows smaller riders to have a secure grip with both feet on the ground and makes it easier for them to ride or better said stop.

Luggage carrier

The front luggage carrier is firmly bolted to the chassis at two points. The Piaggio emblem must give way to the first hole for the screw connection. It can be replaced by a supplied emblem, which is individually attached to the cascade self-adhesive. 
For the second attachment point, a hole (10 mm) must be drilled in the cascade. For protection against moisture Piaggio supplies suitable seals. 

The rear luggage carrier needs a total of four mounting points on the body. For this purpose, the mounting bracket for the pillion passenger must be removed. Ideally, a small grab handle and a backrest are attached to the rear carrier. The pillion passenger is happy about this comfortable extension.
Unfortunately, the original cover for the screw holes can no longer be used.

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To the product: Luggage Carrier rear FA

The luggage bridge offers the opportunity to attach either an original Piaggio top case (mounting hardware included), or a universal top case from the accessories program. For rounding off, a back cushion made of black, padded leather can be mounted to the topcase.

There is also the step-through as a possibility. This additional storage space on the Vespa is attached to the four screw connections of the floor mat. It is particularly suitable for lighter luggage, for example in a net secured with an expander or rubber band.

Alarm system for theft protection

Here appears the well-known name Gemini, common both from the car industry and motorcycle and scooter manufacturing. To protect the vehicle safely from theft, absolute reliability is required. In addition, the device should not be visible/recognizable from the outside. 
Gemini products have all these features. In addition, these devices are very compact, resistant to shocks and splash-proof.
Please note:
To be able to wire the alarm system to the scooter, a mounting kit is required. Often it is included. Please inquire at the time of purchase.

Attachments purely for the optics

Eye-catching, shiny chrome parts or matte and lightweight carbon fairings are suitable for this. These can be:

  • Frame cover
  • Taillight frame
  • Heat shield
  • Fork cover
  • License plate holder
  • Spark Plug Inspection Hatch
  • and much more

Here, there are hardly any limits to creativity, only the TÜV must agree if the Vespa is still to be seen on the road. For a wide selection, the SIP Scootershop online store is always worth a look and in Landsberg am Lech, the staff of the SIP Scootershop flagship store can offer ideal advice on any Vespa.

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