Gelbe Vespa GTS mit schwarzer Sitzbank

The Vespa GTS 300

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The Vespa GTS has been a coveted member of Piaggio’s Italian Vespa family since 2005.

The engine

The 300cc engine pushes very hard, especially at low revs. Good agility, the GTS has plenty of steering and manoeuvres in tight spaces. The brakes are secure, the seating position is comfortable and there is plenty of room for the rider. The compartment under the seat is not big, but a small helmet fits in. High prices, partly justified by the workmanship and second-hand value.

Vespa GTS Super, the best scooter for the Germans

Thanks to the new, more powerful and at the same time economical engine, the comfort and protection provided by the protective shield, the stylish details and generally the timeless appeal, the new Vespa GTS was voted the best scooter of the year by the Germans, ahead of the BMW C 650 and the Yamaha T-Max.

Queen among the motor scooters

The Vespa is the best scooter in the world. More than 47,000 Germans voted the GTS “Motorcycle of the Year” in Motorrad magazine, crowning it the queen among scooters ahead of “hosts” like the BMW C-Evolution, the BMW C 650 and the Japanese Yamaha T-Max DX. No matter how much power or technology the other scooters bring to the table,” it says in the explanatory statement, “at the end of the day, this Italian girl is always at the top of the podium.
The choice is more than understandable: the new GTS (we saw it at the last EICMA) continues the legacy of the legendary Vespone and has been further improved for 2019 in both style and performance. New features include, in particular, the new 278 ccm engine, which is more advanced and efficient in terms of limiting emissions and fuel consumption, and is also the most powerful engine ever fitted to a Vespa, with over 23 hp. Features that also make the GTS a good “travel vehicle”.

The functions of the motor scooter

Sitting comfortably on the wide seat and well protected by the newly designed shield with full LED lights, rider and passenger can enjoy the city, but also take a longer trip. Of course, there is no shortage of smart features either. With the VESPA MIA connectivity system, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and display all notifications of incoming calls and messages on the TFT display. With the practical joystick on the left-hand control block, you can manage phone calls and use the smartphone’s voice control to make calls or play music.
Vespa is thus celebrating one of the happiest moments in its history. In 2018, sales increased by 16% compared to the record figures of 2017, surpassing 210,000 units. And in the last ten years, more than 1.6 million new Vespas have been produced and sold worldwide.

Front view of a blue Vespa GTS

What speaks for the Vespa GTS

  • Range: a wide choice of different engines and versions
  • Engine: the 300 is spacious and very modern –
  • Comfort: it is a comfortable scooter
  • Appearance: the fairing with vintage touch is well made
  • Workmanship: quality and care

What are the arguments against this model?

  • Prices: as high as for all Vespas
  • Versatility: these models are not suitable for all conditions
  • Vibrations: a bit uncomfortable from the footrests
  • Load capacity: small under the seat, fits in a jet
  • Fork: dry response on uneven ground.
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  1. Enjoyed reading your review. I have just purchased GTS 300. Particularly enjoyed your arguments for and would agree with your arguments against. I purchased my Vespa, like many people do, because of that iconic name and styling.

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