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Vespa GTS Super – The Vespa of all Vespas?

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We’re talking about the new GTS 300 Super. Powerful yet elegant, traditional yet innovative, it has everything that comes pretty close to being the best Vespa ever. At least until Vespa launches a new model on the market and competes with itself.

The engineers from Pontedera have once again outdone themselves. They have left familiar Vespa lines and proportions largely untouched. Except for one core feature of the icon:
The front single-sided swingarm has been modified so that the installation of an additional strut significantly improves handling. This is most noticeable on uneven roads.

Special features of the optimization

Thanks to the art of design, a Vespa is always recognizable as such, despite all the innovations over the course of several decades. Only at second glance, but at the latest during the test drive, innovations are immediately noticeable:

  • Driving behavior clearly more stable
  • rich road holding
  • springs and dampens much better
  • new brake master cylinder
  • shorter braking distances thanks to improved braking effect
  • narrower seat in the front
  • quicker ground contact with the feet when stopping, therefore especially suitable for smaller pilots
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Ultimate practicality: new LCD instrumentation and keyless system

Following the introduction of the TFT colour display on the SuperTech version, the other versions now début new instrumentation, more complete and better able to exploit the potential of the VESPA MIA connectivity system (as standard on SuperSport and SuperTech or as an accessory for the other trims).

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Vespa GTS Super Tech

A perfect blend between the historic elegance of Vespa instruments and innovation, the aid retains the stylish analogue speedometer, beneath which is now a 3″ LCD display on which the rider can view a wide range of trip data (maximum speed, average speed, instantaneous consumption, average consumption, range and battery charge status) and all notifications regarding calls, messages and music, in cases where the vehicle is connected to the smartphone with the VESPA MIA system.
And with Vespa GTS, practicality and ease of use take another step forward with the introduction of the keyless system, which lets the rider activate the ignition without having to insert the traditional key, streamlining operations such as starting the engine, opening the seat and locking the steering column, all of which can be done with the remote control conveniently in their pocket. On the back of the shield, the classic ignition switch with lock is replaced by a practical knob. To start the vehicle, the rider need simply press it (thereby activating the start enable signal, indicated by a welcome message on the instrumentation panel) and turn it to the ON position. The engine is started in the usual way, via the button located on the right-hand control block.

For some, the price may be a negative sticking point, which is somewhat understandable at 6,000 EUR upwards. But with Vespa, you also pay for the name and the special quality. A high-priced purchase can definitely be seen as an investment in the long run, which is definitely worth it.

GTS model variants

All four model variants are available with either a 125cc or 300cc engine.

  • GTS
  • GTS Super
  • GTS Super Tech
  • GTS Super Sport
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Vespa GTS Variations

How do the GTS model variants differ?

The classic ignition has been replaced by a keyless system that makes the ignition key superfluous. This starting system is also associated with the locking of the seat and thus access to the storage space and the fuel filler cap.

The highest-end model variants, the GTS Super Tech 300 (€7500) and GTS Super Sport 300 (€7300), come standard with the aforementioned multimedia platform.
The GTS Super Tech is the only one of the four variants equipped with a TFT display. This enables navigation with a smartphone app. This requires a USB socket, which can be found in the glove compartment. That, in turn, is hidden in the leg shield.
Other refinements:

  • LED turn signal
  • LED taillight
  • repositioned brake levers
  • minimal wider handlebar
  • new grip armatures
  • new rear view mirror with excellent visibility
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Die Motorvarianten sind ohne Änderungen geblieben

125 cm³ single cylinder

  • 10.3 kW/14 hp
  • Start-stop automatic
  • Standard consumption 2.4 L/100 km, tank filling 7 L
  • Vehicle weight without passengers 147 kg

278 cm³ single cylinder

  • 17.5 kW/23.8 hp
  • Start-stop automatic
  • Consumption 3.3 L/100 km, tank filling 8.5 L
  • Vehicle weight without passengers 160 kg

If the total of 14 equipment and color options are not enough, you can purchase extensive accessories from the wide range of SIP Scootershop.


Novelties don’t necessarily have to come with the door down. Therefore, this production in all its variants and upgrade options can be described as really successful. Typical Vespa!

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